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  1. hi i was wondering if u can mix all these oils? i have been using tea tree oil mixed with a moisturiser on my face every night for about a year now but with the emu oil having such good moisturising and carrier properties. can i just cancel out the moisturiser?? does tea tree and emu oil mix well? and if i mix them do they in interfere or cancel out eachother properties at all?? or do they just live together in a small mixture of power packed combined godness? lol ow! and ive been readin
  2. HERES THE DUBE, YEAH!!?? no antibiotics, no special......nesses, no lets take roac/ret and slowly go insane by poisoning our developing teenage bodys. one simple act! allz u need is 100% tea tree oil (1mL/mL)....... organic, not organic eh who cares! and a non-comedogenic (wont clog pores), oil free moisturiser which absorbs excess oil (it will say that on it) u need an absorbs oil one, not to absorb the oil on your face but the oil your mixing into it. seems very specific but there are al
  3. i wana start using pure TTo to spot treat and i was wondering if it (being a oil and all) would clog your pores??????, for ages i was tought to remove oil from your face as in Oil = BAD and now im intentionally puting it on my face. and how do u spot treat? just put a few drops on the acne?......lol seems to simple theres gota be a catch right?
  4. i liv on the gold coast and i stand there for hours in front of the supplements wall in chemists and coles and stuff, trying to find something!! that ses healthy skin of something but i just always end up getting enything that ses zinc on it. now i can actually put a name on the tablet i need thanx mariaa
  5. chill-ax people!! losen up, sence of humor..............ect
  6. go up to her and say i think u should be on an australian net ball team .....................or? be nice what eva works
  7. lol last yeah i was in grade 11 and i missed 56!!!!! days cos of stuff like that , and in out school u can only miss 25. so i had to do a lot of ass kissing so i could come back next year
  8. ..............how many people in greese and the netherlands speek english?
  9. ....just a question no offence k?...................r u gay?
  10. you've been using it for a couple of months, so is your face clear now?? and how long did it take for u to see a difference?
  11. HEHHEHEHEHEHEHHE........funny, funny stuff is that a serious post? cos if it is, y wouldnt u suggest putting bp on your teeth cos of its bleching effect? if u wanted a bleching effect y wouldnt the first thing that pops into mind be......say i dont know, blech! blech has a bleching effect. lol but seriously dont try that, or the bleech lol. appart form humoring for your friends ull probably kill your self or somthing.