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  1. Well I've been a lurker around here for about an year. My last post was about my 1st TCA Cross experience do it yourself at home using 100% in Nov 06. Its been about 6 weeks and I've gotten mixed results. I think I used too much on some of my ice pick scars, some are more shallow and some are more wider. Sorry I don't have a camera. I'm going to give it another shot soon and go for the 2nd TCA Cross. This time I'm gonna use less TCA and don't repeat dabbing the scar back and forth. By the way I'
  2. Well after some test spots with 100% TCA Cross method, I've had mixed results. My shallow ice picks are improving but the large ones look bigger for some reason. Its only been a couple days after the scabs fell off, does it look worse before it gets better? I should give it time to heal right?
  3. update... its day 3 and scabs are forming... i have a positive outlook on this stuff
  4. Hi everyone, I just did some test spots with 100% TCA. It frosted but i still have holes from the places where i applied the TCA, did i put enough?
  5. i've been using dan's regimen for about a week now and i'm starting to get worried. I have more breakouts and worse, most of them are blackheads. Products i use is basis bar soap, Eucerin Skin Renewal, and BP Gel. Should i quit the regimen because its getting worse? or should i give it time? HELP ME!
  6. Okay I purchased 50% TCA (gonna dilute to 25%) and im getting ready for my test patch. Directions given to me with the kit states that I should use a mild alpha hydroxy acid cream or a hydrating facial srub 2 weeks before the peel, so i purchased some. I also got some Neosporin. What i need is a mild cleanser and toner to cleanse and degrease my skin before the test patch. What kind should i get? Also can i still use my regimen after the cross or peel? Can i wash my face daily? thanks