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  1. Has anyone ever tried really small doses of Spironolactone and build up to a larger dose to avoid an initial breakout? I know some people start at 25mg and go from there, but I'm talking about maybe even cutting the pill in half or in quarters and starting even smaller, say 12.5mg or 6.25mg? I'm wondering if the microdoses wouldn't shock the body's hormones as much and then slowly go up in mgs. Please let me know your opinions!
  2. I had a serious acne ordeal about 3 and a half years ago. I am a girl so taking birth control helped me clear my acne up. However, like you I as left with dark red marks and indents in my skin. I had them on my cheeks forhead and even my jaw. I was a junior in high school when this happened, and no matter how much makeup I wore, it would not cover the marks. my self essteem was at an all time low. I tried many things, like acid peels, my skin is tough so I started using TCA, but it looks silly
  3. ughhh its slwoly starting to peel especially on my chin but im too afraid to like peel it cuz im not sure im supposed to do that. do i let it fall off naturally? welll anyways i have to go to school today and im wearing makeup i dont think im supposed to but i can still see slightly the brown wrinkled skin though it ewww. i hope no one notices lol. i cant wait for everything to peel off especially my cheeks. i hope this is over soon! *crosses fingers*
  4. Well last night i did my first TCA peel at 25% yes its a bit of a high percentage to start out with but so far everything is ok. i basically used it as a spot treatment for my redmarks. Today my skin is like a light pinkish brownish in the areas i applied it. i was happy to see it frost when i applied it because after doing at least 12 glycolic acid peels at 70% it never did anything for my skin. i suppose this is why i can tolerate the 25% TCA. anyways i cant wait for it to peel im sure ill hav
  5. thank you! you gave me hope. no one on this site has ever shown proof that their marks do fade. it seems like they forget about it after its gone and dont bother to give hope to anyone else. but thank you for sharing this with everyone. it really shows me a whole new perspective!
  6. yeah i had the smae problem as you. finally got it under control but if it wasnt on my face it would appear on my chest. so frustrating!!! but i stuck with what i was doing and it cleared up....except for the red marks... and now i do chemical peels at first i saw no results but after a month of doing peels twice a week i really have seen inprovement. even though doing 70% twice a week is not recommended especially if you have sensitive skin but i did it anyways and my skin took it for awhile bu
  7. since a TCA peel is 10x stronger than glycolic i would imagine you should start peeling from 3-7 days. because with glycolic acid which i use takes 1-2 days to start peeling. TCA penetrates the skin deeper than superficial peels so you should start peeling today or within the next few days.
  8. Same happens with me too. at first i got all exited and thought somthing was actually happening like my marks were fading. but its not exactly the case...it appears that way because overnight your skin is producing oil so when you wake up in the morning it appears slightly faded but its just being moisturized by your natural oils. as soon as you wash your face you take off all that oil. keeping red marks moisturized is essential for them to fade. i thought about not washing my face one morning b
  9. thank you. im realllly looking forward to the peel. i ordered it online so ill be doing it myself. and i hope it helps fade some of the marks i have and keep active acne at bay as well.:) well usually I take a lemon and cut it in half and squeeze the juice and apply it directly to my skin. and same with bio oil its kinda expensive maybe 20$ depending on the size of the bottle but its supposed to help with scars you just put it on a cottonball and apply to your skin. but you ahve to be carefu
  10. WOW! thats just like me. Started getting acne ALL over my forehead when i was 13&14 and then it went away while i was 15 and and for half a year when i was 16 and then the other half i began breaking out like crazy forehead cheeks chin and jawline. and im 17 now too. and im desperately trying to find a away to get rid of these red marks. im doing a chemical peel next week and ill see if that works. but i definately feel your pain. I also use lemon juice and bio oil it seems to help a tiny b
  11. wow your skin looks amazing! its like you never even had scars. so what do you use??? im in the same position as you were in a couple months ago i got red spots everywhere =/ but i hope mine go away like yours!
  12. I know exactly how you feel as well! I used to have clear skin then a couple months ago everything went crazy and i was trying to cover my face up with makeup couldnt even talk to guys....and now i have my breakouts mostly under control but the scars is what gets me...waiting for those to fade. but i totallllyyyy understand how it like murders your confidence because even though people still like you for who you are which is what matters most...you still know its there and thats what hurts th
  13. Okay....so ive done alot of research and have been trying or testing a few remedies for my red marks. Ive seen minimal results but im being patient....below is a list of things im using not in any order but if you have had any success with any of them id like to know. i jsut hate putting ten different things on my face i really just want to know hwat works so I currently use (pretty much daily or a few times a week) Baking soda Bio oil Neutrogena acne mark fading peel Apple cider vinegar lemon
  14. I am 17 years old and hardly ever had a problem with acne up unitl about 6 months ago. i began breaking out on my forehead and then my jawline and then it moved to my cheeks. So unfortunately I have scars on my ENTIRE face now. not deep or pitted scars just red hyperpigmentation. It seems EVERY pimple i had left a scar. Im just wondering if anyones red marks healed fairly quickly. Im sorta hoping they will fade within the next few months. I do moisturize my face with bio oil and that is suppo