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  1. I am also on a low dose, 20mg every other day, so basically 10 mg everyday. I used to use face wash that was for oily skin, and that was too harsh on my skin. So I now use a mild face wash for mixed skin. Since it is not for oily or for dry skins, it doesn't seem to be very harsh on my skin. My skin is, however, dry anyway, but thats because of accutane.. I recommed you get a face cleanser for mixed type skin. Hope this helps. How is your low dose going? It says you've been on it for 7 months..
  2. I've been using as foundation Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse for quite a while and it provides pretty good coverage... has/does anyone use this product? What do you think of it? I have a really hard time applying make up (foundation, base, powder) without it being noticeable..any tips? :S Thanks!
  3. I didn't get bloodwork done before I got my prescription either.. My derm said it wasn't necessary because of the fact that I am on such a low dose (20mg for a month, then 20mg every other day). I'm on my 2nd month already. Don't worry about the bloodwork for now if you are only going to be on 10mg. If your dosage is upped, then make sure you get bloodwork done! Good luck
  4. I bleached and everything was fine afterwards. Im on a low dose though, don't know if thats why.
  5. I've been on the course since november 15th, so almost 3 weeks. you are very ahead of me! but yeah i know what you mean.. i really am too worried about the acne to think too much about the scars, but i kinda wish that when accutane makes all the acne go away (which it hopefully WILL do), i wont be left with the whole scar problem all over my face :/
  6. Yeah, I dont pick on purpose really. Like I let the pimple develop or whatever, but when its about to pop Ill touch my face and it will just burst..gross, I know, but I think you guys get it .. So im scared those will scar. But what you said is true..Id so much rather have some scars than acne. Scars are much easier to cover up...and even though they still depress me, its not as bad . And they sorta fade with time..maybe not completely, but somewhat.
  7. Hey everyonee. One question: Did you find that you scarred more easily while on accutane? The pimples you popped while on accutane..did they scar a lot? Its getting harder and harder to keep my hands off my face and even if I've only popped like three, i already have other scars and I read somewhere you scar more easily while on accutane. Has anyone found this to be true? What have you found helps with scar treatment? Thanks!
  8. Hey!! I was on 30 mg for 2 weeks I think when I got mine down. It seems to be healing fine. My friend also got it done and she bleed, I didn't. I clean it with my body wash, not the sea salt. That seemed to be too drying.

  9. Hey everyone. I was put on 20mg of accutane for a month, followed by two months of 10mg of accutane a day. I weigh 54 kilos (119 pounds). Today I took my 16th 20mg accutane pill. My lips have been dry, and my nose has been a little dry as well. I thought that after two weeks, however, Id start seeing some results. At first I thought I was seeing results, and got really excited. The pimples I had seemed to be drying up, and I wasnt getting any new ones. Now, however, it seems like its just not
  10. Hi Ash2288!Just 1 q- I saw on ur posts you got a bellybutton piercing while on accutane. Implanning on getting mine done next week. Ive been on 20mg accutane for like 3 weeks. did u have any probs with urs?thankss

  11. Well I dont think that you can blame those feelings on accutane really.. I dont know. Where are you from MichaelB?
  12. Thank you so muchhh, that really helped.. I was getting really worried. Ill start the next pack on Monday..its so weird to not have my period though. Thanks again :) Hey, I took theses pills before, they are pretty good at getting rid of acne. The only problem with them is that it never really regulated my period and I had to keep taking them or else my acne would get worse etc..... It's normal that your period didn't come, its just trying to regulate it. Mine doesn't even come sometim
  13. Ive beeen on the low dose for two weeks today and I havent had any of those side effects.. no sleepyness and no tingling of skin..only thing ive had are the dry lips and kind of dry skin, not even that much.. are you sure its because of the accutane? maybe its because of the reaction of your facial creams/washes while you are on accutane.. perhaps you should try washing with some other cleanser. Hope it goes well! How long is your course going to be?
  14. Thank you so muchhh, that really helped.. I was getting really worried. Ill start the next pack on Monday..its so weird to not have my period though. Thanks again :)
  15. Ah wow, the sterilized razor to remove the nodule sounds SO painful MichaelB! But Im really glad you didnt scar. I hope my scars go away with time. I hate looking at my face now...even if it is better than it was before. Im so glad I dont have as many pimples right now. I got a new one near my mouth, and I still have the other two on my forehead. These are the active ones at least. I still have quite a few that can be seen but are very dry and disappearing (slowly...very slowly). My skin isnt t