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  1. Hi, I'm so sick and tired of using over-the-counter products that don't work for me. Also, even the anti-biotics and prescriptives that the derms prescribe haven't been having a great effect for me either. I'm just so tired of this. I have been looking into Obagi and have a derm appt this weekend. I think I may ask his opinion, etc. Has anyone had this procedure done w/ success? Also, did you get your Nu-Derm products from your derm or online?
  2. I have used the Neutrogena Benzo Cleanser/Mask for a few weeks and I love it. Usually BP washes feels like battery acid on my face but this was gentle but strong. Try it, it did help my face stay fairly clear considering I have hormonal acne.
  3. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skinâ„¢ Visibly Evenâ„¢ Foaming Cleanser gently exfoliates to refine skin texture for a more even-toned, radiant complexion. This dermatologist-tested formula contains Vitamin C and Essential Soyâ„¢, a natural skin brightener clinically proven to deliver more even-toned, radiant skin. With gentle exfoliating beads, it also refines skin texture, washing away dirt and oil. Rinses cleanly without overdrying for clean, soft, smooth skin. Add radiance and impr
  4. I've tried most of MD Forte's product line. Their perfection gel, Their acne specific products, their mask and I wasn't to impressed. I saw no improvements.
  5. www.greatskin.com They have a 4%, 8% and a 10%. I didn't know hydroquinone's could go so high. For the 10% one you have to call them or order.
  6. I've been on the Clindamax 1% lotion for about 2wks now. My skin looks a little better but I kinda find this med a little weak. For those of you w/ sensitive skin, this product doesn't irritate or burn.
  7. Also, did you order this from skincarerx.com the believe the companies name is Nucelle? If so, are you using the 10% serum or the whole product line?
  8. Thank you so much for replying to me. I am still considering mandelic acid. I haven't heard anything discouraging about it at all. So after 2+ weeks you are seeing changes? What about your scars? Are they showing any improvements? TIA Kat
  9. Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask is a great BP wash and it also dubs as a mask. It's 3.5% BP and it works as good as a 10% with no drying effect (well for me anyway). Also their Clear Pore Gel is a SA leave on gel for night time and that works well also. HTH
  10. I haven't tried this but their websites says you should see results within 8hrs.
  11. I've recently been put on Clindamax (Clindamycin) Azelex and Claripel, i'm thinking of using the 10% mandelic acid serum from Nucelle rx @skincarerx.com Has anyone ever done this? I've read that many people see good results w/ the mandelic acid. My doctor said it was ok to use salicylic acid while on these three meds so I figured mandelic acid would be ok as well. Kat
  12. Hi, I don't have hypothyroidism but I do have PCOS. I am going trough some horrible symptoms, horrible cysts acne, very painful and leaves scars. I also have hairloss. I'm going to the doctor (gyn & derm) this weekend, hopefully they'll have somethings to relieve the acne, that's the worse of all. Kat