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  1. I've got something similar. I used Retin-A for the first time just a few nights ago and the next morning I was peeling like crazy, and moisturizer didn't help. Then... it got red. I think it was because I neglected to use any moisturizer the first time, resulting in extremely dry skin. I've religiously been applying SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream, Jojoba Oil, and Cetaphil. Jojoba has helped quite a bit, but I'm still quite red.
  2. Looks like Retin-A has done wonders for you. Could you describe your daily regimen as well as what % you use? I currently have 0.04% Retin-A Micro.
  3. I actually have not used Retin-A, just had the tube sit around the past few months. I'll give it a shot. Any more opinions?
  4. Pictures: Forehead(circled are the red and hard to touch/painful as I mentioned) Nose: There's a lot of blackheads, just can't really be brought out by the camera. Cheeks: Chin (small bumps like blackheads) Any suggestions?
  5. I'm 13 and have mild-moderate acne. After a recent visit to the derm, I was prescribed 100mg of minocycline and Retin-A. I used the minocycline for about a week, then stopped due to...well...not remembering to take it, and then eventually stopping. However, I did not make use of the Retin-A for the fact that I really don't think my problem isn't significant enough to do so, and that I don't really like my skin looking red. I currently do not use any moisturizers. My forehead (my biggest biggest
  6. I'm 13 and have moderate acne. I was using a benzoyl peroxide 3.7% formula, but am currently not anymore. As of right now I'm using a cleanser (that works, no help needed here) and a 2% salisylic formula. Yes, I pop my acne. My skin isn't oily at all, but is actually very dry. I was just prescribed Retin-A and Minocycline. I am OK using minocycline, but am unsure about Retin-A. I don't want my skin to be red, as it already is. Can anybody set up a unique regimen for someone like myself? My affec