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  1. Yeah, the search is down at the top of the page here too. Although it wouldn't be the first time I noticed the search function on this website being really slow / timing out completely. It's the connection to 'http://acne2.homedns.org/search' that the pages make that always falls over. It seems like for whatever reason, the search function is run separately from the rest of the site, and wherever that is, it can't handle it. Luckily the other search function built into the forum seems to wo
  2. Hey there. It seems like you're trying your best with topical products and lifestyle changes. From the look of it, in my opinion, you need to consider starting a course of antibiotics, either topical or internal. At your age, I guess hormone imbalance is fuelling the acne, so hopefully in time that will settle. You should talk to your doctor about this and see what he/she recommends. Good luck buddy. nt
  3. I personally think that it's best to use the AHA over night, as you can experience rather serious sensitivity to sunlight during the day when the AHA is applied in the morning (however a good SPF will solve this problem). I think using BP in the morning, followed by the moisturizer and then over night the AHA might be a better option. It's not good to mix BP and sunlight either, as we know one of the packaging requirements for BP is that users are warned about the need for sun screening.
  4. I don't think it will prolong spots occuring, but I think it can certainly prolong red marks and I don't think it helps your skin condition. (See the other posts on BP for the details). If your acne is mild try using less of it, less often. That could be just your skin adjusting. Small whiteheads that only stick around a few days? Sounds pretty mild, and you may well find using some AHA to unclog pores and speedup turnover will get rid of them. And you could just do that a couple times a
  5. I have been using it morning and night, only in small areas and in very small quantities. One of the areas for example is my nose. It seems to have improved the buildup of clogged-ness that usually sits in that fold between the side of your nose and your face. Now I don't seem to get as much buildup there and the skin feels smoother and looks more even. I have also been using it on some old red marks to speed up the healing process, and so far so good (about 2 weeks in). Sometimes I put some
  6. You don't pay customs charges for goods under the value of £18. Check the HMRC website or call them if you want to clarify this. As far as I know (and I have ordered many things) this does not include the shipping, so as long as the product you ordered is under £18 value you will not face charges. Shipping works out about £6.99 as well and arrives in about a week. In the case of the AHA the product including shipping comes to less than £18 value anyway. Not a bad deal at all really, I ord
  7. Well I got mine, been using it on small areas just to see how I go. Love the smell, the color can show a little on my pasty skin but I'm sure if I use less and rub it in more it will be ok. Keeping it away from my active problems just for now as I'm still using Zineryt there. ntrino
  8. I keep trying Dans Moisturizer, but for the life of me it dosen't seem to go well. For a while it seemed to go on fine. Then out of the blue, it seemed to cause a ton of bumps to raise up, and the fact it felt so greasy wasn't reassuring. After I washed it off the bumps went down. They did turn out to be whiteheads/infected, why they became so raised after putting on moisturizer on I don't know, so I'm not entirely willing to blame the product for this one. Then just yesterday I thought I'd t
  9. Has anyone actually checked in with their GP / dermatologist on this? I'm very cautious about taking advice from forums when it involves using active ingredients on the face, and Ibuprofen is quite strong stuff, so I'm not willing to try it without checking first. I will check with my GP, and I am almost certain he will not recommend it (there is a list of topical medications your GP can prescribe on the NHS clinical library, your doctor will likely not deviate from this). If any of you guys
  10. Hey, I'm from essex too. You can get Duac gel on prescription, as you know. I think that is the GP's first choice. If you check the NHS clinical library, there are only so many medications your GP can prescribe for mild/moderate acne. Your GP is equally able to prescribe you something called PanOxyl AquaGel, which is BP gel available in 2.5, 5 and 10% strengths. The great thing about PanOxyl? It's over the counter too, and very good value. I have not tried it _yet_ as I have still got some of
  11. I have been lucky and never paid customs on my UK shipments, even on the large value >£60 orders. Now I ensure my orders are under £18 value just in case. Although I only have to buy a big 16oz BP once every 7 months or longer, in future there's no way I will be risking it, as the currency conversion is now awful and it's simply not viable to pay additional fees if they catch me. ntrino
  12. An interesting post. I have been using Zineryt which is a prescription only solution of 30ml containing erythromycin (40 mg/ml) - anti-biotic and zinc acetate (12 mg/ml). According to the bottle that's 0.36g of Zinc acetate in the 30ml solution. I have noticed some very encouraging skin healing of old red mark areas (and of course new inflammations) in a matter of days using this solution. This has peaked my interest in the benefits of topical zinc. I do know that this medicine is particula
  13. I just ordered some of dans AHA+ today. Rather than make my own thread, I thought I'd tag along here if that's okay. I have a few questions, one of which I should probably pose to my doctor, but I don't think he's going to give me an answer (I've tried getting advice before and he wouldn't comment on any 'commercial' product). I wanted to use the AHA on some old red marks and to help exfoliate. However, I have just started a course of Zineryt (erythromycin-zinc complex) which is a topical an
  14. Occasionally I go through real low patches. I have recently ignored many phone calls from friends, and I feel terrible about it. When my phone goes my heart sinks because I can picture them wondering why I don't answer. (Why don't you solve it by picking up the darn call I hear you say, well sometimes the logical answer isn't available when you're not being rational!) Thanks to people posting in this thread I hope I can draw on some collective advice and strength to actually talk to these peopl