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  1. Use the moisturizer. It will help keep your skin balanced and keep flaking to a minimum.
  2. Thanks for the replies. My samples lasted 3 days. I received my full size bottles just in time! I also ordered the jojoba oil. It has helped soooo much with the flakiness. Thanks again!
  3. Hi. Can anyone tell me how many uses I will get out of the sample packs from acne.org. I received the cleanser and the moisturizer. I have been using it for a couple days in place of my regular cleanser and moisturizer and I love it! I ordered the full size bottles but I probably won't have it for a few more days. Thanks!
  4. Take a couple ibuprofen. Also you might want hold ice on it for a few minutes every hour. It should help the swelling.
  5. You ask the receptionist if they could fit you in for a cortisone injection. It only takes a few minutes . Hopefully, your dermatologist can see you right away.
  6. It's not girly at all. If it makes you feel better and it helps to improve your skin, then why not?
  7. There is sulphur (sp?) which is the active ingredient in the Clearasil Adult acne line. It is also in proactiv's refining mask.
  8. You look great! I am going to look for the foundation you use. Hopefully, Estee Lauder will have a good color match for my skin!
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I will slowly work my way up to one full finger. I will let you know how it works. Thanks again!
  10. Hi. I am new here and I am getting ready to start my second week on the regimen. I am using the Proactiv repairing lotion. My question is, do I follow the instruction for the Neutrogena on-the-spot treatment? I want to make sure that I follow the instructions precisely. I am currently using 2 pea size amounts twice daily with no problems. Thanks!