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  1. Hi all, I made a bunch of purchases on makingcosmetics.com here's what i got polysorbate-80 zinc oxide (micronized) powder zinc oxide powder colloidal oatmeal powder AS corn starch l-ascorbic acid powder magnesium ascorbyl phosphate powder niacinamide powder citric acid crystals liquid licorice extract Now, all these have different pH and combining them will result in some other pH. Where can i learn how to mix these ingredients properly, find out which ones don't mix well together, figure
  2. hope you didn't buy any walmart or walgreens. or any other cheap fish oil. you'll just make your acne worse.
  3. No. Zinc wouldn't be counterproductive. First of all, increasing your body's testosterone level isn't necessarily a bad thing for your skin. Testosterone is NOT your enemy. DHT is the problem (it is a metabolite of testosterone). The more hormonal imbalance or estrogen dominance you face, the more conversion there is to DHT from testosterone. Zinc counters this conversion.
  4. I break out from flaxseeds, soy, and dairy. I remember others mentioning that flaxseeds broke them out. It's not surprising considering that flaxseeds have a ridiculously high phytoestrogen content. Since i'm a guy, i'm staying the hell away from flaxseed oil. That stuff turns rancid very easily as well.
  5. First of all, fuck soy. Secondly, I still don't understand why the vast majority of the people who quit dairy choose to replace it with soy. Why soy? Seriously. Time and time again, i see people here replace milk with soy milk and have bad experiences with it. There are so many other substitutes like rice milk. Why not choose something "safer" first? For some reason, tons of people think that raw soy is some kind of health food.
  6. That's pretty crazy... That's an insanely high dose of biotin. Are you sure you don't mean 100mcg of biotin? If you mean 100mcg, then that's nothing. 1000mcg to 5000mcg (1mg to 5mg) of biotin is what you should be aiming for to fight hairloss. In parts of Europe, 15mg (15000mcg) of biotin is prescribed to fight hairloss. 100mg is way too high.
  7. Okay, so, for a bit more than a week, i've been taking the 5mg biotin, zinc gluconate (50mg elemental zinc), and 50mg P 5' P (active form of vitamin B6). It has helped already. the redness and the flakiness around my nose has diminished about 60 to 70 percent. it hasn't completely resolved the SD issue on my scalp, but it has helped. I'm not flaking as much. Next time, i'm gonna purchase these vitamins from Pure Encapsulations. I found that they have the least amount of fillers than all
  8. That's good. The other things you should try to get in order (if they aren't already) are reducing stress levels, eliminating sugar/controlling blood sugar and insulin spikes, and getting a good night's rest. How severe is your acne and how old are you?
  9. Just out of curiosity, which brand selenium are you using and at what dosage?
  10. There was a thread made on chia seeds not too long ago http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Chia-Seed-t186180.html I went through half a small bag of them before. There's something in the seeds that makes me all drowsy. I bought the Salba brand.
  11. Well, then, get on fish oil already. Have you looked for Carlson at the health food shops in your neighborhood yet? You're a guy right? If you are, then stop trying to get your omega 3s from oilseeds, nuts, and plant sources. I mentioned this a number of times on this forum already, but i'll say it again. Guys cannot readily convert the alpha linolenic acid from these non-animal sources to the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. If you'd like, read this study done by the Univ. of Southa
  12. jksl


    That's just terrible.
  13. Well, if there isn't much in the way of omega 3s in your diet from animal sources, i'd go with fish oil first. Avoid the cheap and dirty Walmart or Costco brands and buy some quality fish oil.
  14. Is there any good reason for why you can't do both?
  15. Why not try taking pure vitamin C powder? Those vitamin C tablets and capsules are chock full of binders, fillers, and additives. Many times, they'll contain a lot more of this unnecessary crap than the vitamin itself. Maybe the fillers are breaking you out.
  16. I remember coconut oil irritated the shit out of my scalp every single time i applied it. It actually gave me scalp acne too. It even made me shed a LOT of my hair. And then i recently found this: [Links removed] Coconut oil is a highly comedogenic oil. Never again will i put that crap on my skin.
  17. Just search 'carlson' at iherb.com or at any other online vitamin store.
  18. Sorry, i forgot to say why i don't like that gnc one. My main problem with that one is that there's no antioxidant protection against rancidity. I'd rather go for Carlson Labs flavored cod liver oil or fish oil in liquid. The ingredients are simple: Omega-3 Fish Oil, natural lemon flavor, natural tocopherols. That's it. You won't be able to taste the fish oil at all, if that's a concern. They sell it at every single health food shop or vitamin store that i've been to in Toronto. I'm pret
  19. Well, i never once read anywhere that excess b2 was bad for the kidneys. B2 is pretty important for the kidneys and liver.
  20. where on the net did you read that it was bad for the kidneys because you're making it work when it doesn't need to filter out the stuff?
  21. in my opinion, that gnc brand isn't a good choice
  22. The thing about nuts is that they are terrible on a sensitive digestive system. They are also very prone to rancidity. Moreover, if you're a guy, then nuts are a terrible source of preformed omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. You want them preformed (like in fish oil and other animal sources) because males cannot properly convert the alpha linolenic acid from nut and plant sources to EPA and DHA like females can. The conversion is very low. If i were you, i'd focus on eating more fish than ea
  23. Fish oil makes my skin more moisturized and give it a more healthy glow. It doesn't make it oily/greasy at all. It just prevents dry skin - at least for me. Eating greasy foods will make my face oily/greasy though. I don't touch fish oil anymore though. I'm all about the cod liver oil and krill oil. Krill oil doesn't really give me that moisturizing benefit though, but it has a much higher antioxidant content.
  24. dairy greasy and fried foods sugar soy flax stress is probably a factor and gluten is possibly a factor. too much omega 6 over my omega 3s will probably trigger it as well.