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  1. i was breaking out with ever fresh maybelline liquid foundation and tried to use neutrogena skin clearing foundation hoping it would clear me up. Just made my skin so much worse....SO much worse.
  2. I want to try Almay's clear complexion blemish healing makeup (due to the good reviews ive been hearing) but in fear of choosing the wrong color. I used to use MAC and my color matched perfectly to an NC40. Please help me ASAP!
  3. Has anyone tried the tea tree powder frm the body shop? I used it for a day and i really liked it. It was good for my extremely oily skin and good match on my skin tone. When I checked the ingredients, everything else scored a 0 out of 5 in a comedogenic scale (if its acne causing or what) except for this one ingredient: octyl palmitate which is a 4 out of 5. I had a hard time giving it back bec i really like the coverage. I didnt use it enough to see if it made me break out but not all product
  4. I currently use l'oreal airwear powder foundation, so far i like it. Coverage not too much but not too little, i think its just right. makes my skin look "clean" it tends to dry you tho. so if you have dry skin, look for something else. I have oily skin and i dont mind using it.
  5. I use L'oreal airwear powder foundation. Its a powder and a foundation in one. I like it since i dont have to put two separate things on my face. Its a little drying tho but i dont mind since im really oily. Wont break you out, doesnt feel like your wearing anything. I use origins concelear under it tho. I put it on with a concealer brush and only put on the parts where i really need it. I also liked the body shop tea tree powder. gives good coverage.
  6. I used proactiv last summer for about 4 months, I only started clearing up dramatically during the last month, and it was because i was using other products on the side and kept exfoliating with a washcloth. I broke out again a few months after i got off it and when i went back to proactiv, didnt do too much on my skin. Its so tedious to wash, then tone, then put the lotion on.. plus it stains pillowcases.
  7. My doctor prescribed OTC for my acne, dont think its the same for OTC Lo tho. I took trinessa (wallgreens gave me the generic one for OTC) for my 1st month and it didnt do shit. Ive been taking OTC for 2 months now and i really cant tell if it is helping my acne (my acne has dramtically cleared up but thats bec ive been using bioelements and have been getting regular facial treatments to make me clear up). I heard that OTC results could be seen after 3 months of use. BUt since ive been using OTC
  8. I have extremely oily skin and I totally understand how you feel. My skin is so oily you can fry an egg using the oil (gross!) Anyway, Ive been using liquid foundation for about 2 years and while it gives good coverage, doesnt help with the oil. And im acne prone, I hate putting so much stuff on my face...which means foundation and then powder...and still oily! Right now im using l'oreal airwear, which doesnt control oil 100% but really close to it. I suggest you try using some powder and just m
  9. Is the color atleast CLOSE to your natural skin tone? I think you might have put the product all over your face, which is not how it is used. You should put foundation, ONLY WHERE YOU NEED IT. I used maybelline ever fresh for a year, it didnt break me out for the first 6 months, then my skin went crazy after that. I didnt really like it overall. Doesnt cover too much up anyway. Here are some products I've tried that I think is ok for acne prone: (ive stopped using foundation, i think you should
  10. I think you could wear makeup. Not the powder type or foundation but I think using a concealer will not be too bad. Origins concelear works well, doesnt seem to break me out and ive got very acne prone skin. Its only about $12 and will last you for atleast half the year.