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  1. I've heard a lot of people say that drinking breaks them out. I've never had that problem, but I have noticed something really weird. Whenever I drink, my face doesn't get oily. For example, normally I'll take a shower around 8 or 9pm and by 12 my face is pretty oily. But if I go out to a party or the bar and start drinking after my shower, by 12am my face still isn't oily. As far as I can tell it doesn't matter what kind of alcohol im drinking (beer, wine, hard liquor), it all has the same effe
  2. Hey, I'm gonna be living in the wild for about a month and need a face wash that isn't going to leave lots of chemicals in the ground. Any recommendations for either a completely biodegradable or at least somewhat biodegradable soap that won't clog pores?
  3. I've started oil pulling with sesame seed oil and the oil is turning white within a minute. Is that normal?
  4. Have you made any significant changes to your diet? Any change in sleeping patterns, general activity, your overall lifestyle? Sometimes, and I know this goes for myself too, when I feel like something is working well, I may slip in my diet and eat a few things I shouldn't have, and then see negative results afterwards. Also, You mention you take 4g fish oil daily. The amount recommended in this thread is 4g of Omega3, not 4g fish oil. If your capsules are 1000mg fish oil, with 360mg EPA/24
  5. I've been taking about 4g of fish oil a day for over a month and it was working great in the beginning but my face is starting to get really oily again. Anyone else have this problem or a solution. I'm also taking zinc.
  6. has borage oil helped to reduce anyone's oil production
  7. Won't this get rather expensive. If I'm correct you'll end up spending about $20 every ten days.
  8. thanks for the opinions. I think ill go see a doctor.
  9. This isn't a direct acne question, but perhaps my symptoms are somehow connected to my acne. When I am up and about doing something like working outside or even just sitting at the computer I feel perfectly fine, but as soon as I sit down in a chair or lie down on my bed or couch for a second I start to get very drowsy and usually end up falling asleep. I can't even sit down and read a book without falling asleep after two or three pages. You guys all seem pretty knowledgeable here. Does anyone
  10. I was taking 25,000 iu of vitamin A for a while to help with oil production. (Yes I know it was stupid of me, vitamin A is toxic. However I kept reading so many conflicting reports as to just how much was toxic that I figured it wouldnt hurt) Anyways, after about a month, my oil had not subsided and my hair began to fall out. I have fairly long hair for a guy so occasionally in the shower or during the day a few thin strands would fall out, but this was different. The thick, healthy strands are
  11. Has anyone tried Isolutrol to control oily skin. I'm not really sure what it is our how it works. I believe it is something found in shark bile. Someone discovered how to produce a synthetic version. Where can it be purchased?
  12. This regimen takes a while to start working. When I began using it about 2 years ago I broke out for the first 2 weeks and then after that it kept me almost 100% clear. After about a year I decided to try to eliminate one of the products. I was initially using the bp and sa both morning and nights so I started using BP and SA at night and only BP in the morning. After a month with no new breakouts I cut out the BP at night so I was using BP in the morning and SA at night. I have since cut out th
  13. I had no luck with the topical vitamin a from vitamincure. I only put it on my nose which gets very oily because i was afraid of an initial breakout on the rest of my face. I tried it for about 2 months and saw absolutely no improvement in oiliness. Any suggestsions? When i applied the vitamin a it felt very greasy and never seemed to soak in. Is this normal?
  14. Ive decided to give green tea a shot at curing my oil skin/acne. Apparently it helps to balance hormones. However, I cant drink 6-8 cups of tea a day so I picked up some green tea supplement pills. I was wondering what the ratio of pill to cup of tea was. EAch pill has 300mg of Green Tea leaf extract and 150mg of Polyphenois. I guess it would be more useful to know how much polyphenois is in a tea bag. Thanks for the help!!