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  1. you can sell it on ebay. if anyones interested il give you the listing details
  2. I bought a big tube of terproline not so long ago to treat my scars in addition to my leds. i have used little squirts a few times and now don't want the tube to be wasted.bought it for £60 but will discount it obviously as have used a little... if interested please pm me and i will let you know
  3. the needle is sooo thin! it should be penetrated the full amount. nothing will happen. i am the living example. trust me pls
  4. vitamin c, perfectil tablets, primrose oil (to keep the skin moist) water, fruit vegetables.... u need the full sha-bang!
  5. hi guys sorry i have not had net and i havnt been able to see this. well you need to start with the 1.5 roller to the person that states he/she is scared to jump straight to the 1.5. 1.0 is only for small cosmetic changes such as little flaws and for people who want to roll over pigmentation etc.... you're scars are bothering you so you need to roll on them and also needle them. You need to get a diabetic needle and start from the edge going in vertically and moving the needle around inside too
  6. hi there well you need 1.5 dermaroller. 1.0 wont make any difference. u need to press firmly but not tooo firmly. you will know when it touches the skin my scars were very severe. pictures never highlight how deep they are. they were very deep, i could put the end of a pen in and it would be in and foundation used to sink in deep
  7. oi me trying to help yer skin and your admiring my eyes awwww .. thnx xx
  8. to be very honest you need to moisten your face for the "long-term" appearance of scars! mositening the face will help your skin overall and it will soften the scar tissues and stop you from aging... you dont want wrinkles due to dry skin so use an oil free moisturiser
  9. ok in this pic........ ... can you see the scars? they are visible ....... ..... they are still there but not as visible as before.........what you guys need is 80% 90% improvement not complete eradication....this was 6 months after the main scarring but it STILL affected me.... now they have less-ened 80% more than that..... one on my forehead is still bothering me but i am needling it...
  10. does anyone know how to upload pics another way i am sick of this thing telling me that i dont have space to submit pics. i might as well submit links... help
  11. I will put more pics tonight........ also please see posts by lamarr... he is a star and he helped me alot! his is the ultimate success story
  12. il add a pic of both cheeks tonight
  13. sydney_fellow you are right about 0.5 rollers....... always start with the 1.5 roller dont waste your money on 0.5 microdermabrasion does not get rid of scars, but will lessen the pigmentation ok - when i had the scars I had discolouration as well..... i was upset because the scars were fresh and the discolouration was with it too..... my doc (who is one of the best) has told me that discolouration of a red colour will ALWAYS go so if you have discolouration try and help them as much as poss
  14. dermarolling is your best bet. get it done professionally first. 2 settings professional and then you can start doing it yourself.......... the best roller i can recommend you is the dr roller. 1.5mm. go on ebay and type dr roller 1.5mm and use that with your terproline and leds.... if you can , buy the red led light from www.babyquasar.co.uk... that is a healing light and will help