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  1. I have had a pimple on my chest for the last 4 month. It wont go away. I have tried using clearsil cream 10% and benzol peroxide 5%. They just dry up the skin but never reduce the pimple. Its like a pimple that will never surface. I have tried popping it many times and it doesnt seem to work., Any suggestions?
  2. I saw my dentist today. Turns out, my problems are much worse than 2 chipped teeth. I have 9 cavities. I have never even had a cavity since I had baby teeth. I wash my mouth in the morning/evening everyday. All of my teeth were spotless before accutane, not even 1 filling. I am convinced the accutane is reponsible for my chipped teeth and cavities. After researching a bit more, Ive read similar cases in which people chip teeth and/or develop a lot of cavities. I have a nice bill for 3k worth of
  3. I just finished the course. I have remained 100% clear. However I am eating my own words right now when I said there was no side effects. Over the last week I have chipped 2 teeth. The first time I was eating a steak and my front bottom tooth cracked. Today I was eating cereal and another bottom tooth cracked. I am 100% sure that the accutane is responsible for my weak teeth. It made my teeth weak, similar to how your skin cuts like butter when you are on accutance. Now I have to spend a fortu
  4. Just updating. I'm still 100% clear. Red marks are fading slowly, but they are almost unnoticeable now. My doc said he will probably take me off accutane later this month, so it would only be a 4 month treatment. I would not mind going 5 months if it meant a greater chance of acne never coming back. I am not experiencing any side effects except dry lips. I'll say it again, don't believe those horror stories you come across. Those are the .1% of people who reacted bad to the drug. Think about t
  5. I just finished my 3rd month. My face has been totally clear for the last month. I'm just kicking myself I never took accutane sooner. I wasted so much time and money with creams everyday and pointless medicine. If you are considering accutane I would definitely recomend it. Don't let the horror stories scare you. I never got depressed or had bad side effects. I actually have felt a lot better on the meds because I can wake up without worrying about pimples. I'm in my last semester of college.
  6. It sucks now but it will get better. I was breaking out on and off until about week 6-7. Its now week 8-9 and I havnt had one new zit.
  7. Day 67ish? Good news. I have not had 1 single pimple over the last 3 weeks. My face has not looked this good in a long time. My doc still kept me on 40mg, no need to bump the dose up because he said I was doing good. The headaches have gone away. No more strange dreams. My body has definetely gotten use to the meds. My only complaint is dry lips and my breath smells like a rotting carcus when I wake up in the morning. I wish I took this drug a couple years ago. I was probably killing my live
  8. Day 46? I havn't been posting or taking pictures, Im trying not to think about the process too much. Its been up and down. There is a week when Im all clear and then 5 pimples all show up at the same time. Its akward how they all come at once. So far the side effects are not so bad. I get mild headaches and have trouble focusing at school. I have some dry skin around my arms, Ive moisturized it a couple times and its no longer dry. The doc said he will bump me up to 60mg if I am still break ou
  9. DAY 8 I feel my skin getting tight on some days, even though Im using Aquafor, which is basically vasoline. Im fortunate because Im on break from school until Jan 22nd, so I can walk around with my vasoline face haha. No other side effects to report. I have not had weird dreams since the first 3 days I started. Kinda bummed right now. A few friends and Ijust got a cabin for a week near denver. Unfortunately, I will be sitting in the cabin instead of snowboarding. Anyway, here are some pics(clic
  10. Thanks, I wish you the best of luck to. I use to have kaiser and I thought they wouldn't give me accutane because of the costs. I also have insurance through my university, but the doc there said my acne was never severe enough for it(bs). Day 3 Ive taken my 6th pill. No side effects but Ive had really akward dreams. Nothing to get a heart attack over but I would wake up and be like why the hell was I dreaming that? And I never get nightmares.
  11. I thought I was the only one, I started about 3 days ago and have had really weird dreams, like shit I never even thought I was capable of thinking of haha. Before starting, I always had positive dreams.
  12. I am a 23 year old male, about to turn 24 in January. I suffer from moderate acne only on my face. My back and chest are clear. A list of previous treatments/medications(Im sure I forgot a ton of others): Tetracycline Clindamyacin Retin A Micro Differin Benzol Peroxide Beta Hydroxy Acid Alpha Hydroxy Acid 100% organic diet Apple Cider Vinegar I was prescribed 40mg a day of accutane(2 20 mg pills a day of Sotret). DAY 1 http://s715.photobucket.com/albums/ww151/f...t=1229758281785 http://
  13. So I got my prescription today. I will be taking 20 mg twice daily. The perscription says "Sotret" capsules and "Allow Generic". I thought that sotret IS a generic drug. Has anyone taken different types of isot and preferred a certain brand? Maybe one has less side effects?
  14. I have taken adderall maybe 3 or 4 times to study for tests. Everytime I took it, it made me break out. Defintely talk to your doctor about it.
  15. I was 19 and played rugby at a high level,I boxed also at a high level.......It doesn't matter if you play Football,Rugby,Box,Gymnastics etc etc..if Accutane doesn't agree with you,it will kick u in the ass....I went from playing sports at a very high competitive level to a wheelchair which I couldn't even wheel myself.... How many people have you heared say " buy this car...my wife has one"! "buy this tv. I have the same one at home "!."Buy this vacation, I go there every year" !..............
  16. I saw my derm today and he prescribed me accutane. He is the board head at ucsd medical and a very respectable doctor. He told me that both of his sons used accutane with great success. I think it all comes down to starting off on a small dose and monitoring yourself. My derm just also finished treating a player for the san diego chargers. He was on accutane for 4 months during the regular season, running and lifting everyday etc. The doctor said there were no problems at all. I personally run
  17. I had to get in shape because I want to do water polo. Over the last month I have been weight training and running everyday. I have lost about 17 pounds. I have also broken out and have about 7 active pimples. Before this I could be clear for weeks with maybe 1 or 2 pimples every few weeks. I am wondering if my exercise caused this breakout. What would be the science behind it? Did the bacteria come up from underneath the skin since I have beeen sweating so much everyday? I thought sweating wa
  18. I avoid using the neutrogena salyctic acid washes, they tend to dry my skin out. You should get a fogless mirror and shave while in the shower. Just get warm water on your face for at least a few min before appyling lather then shave. I found this method succesful without using washes of any kind. I also use 1% beta hydroxy after I get out of the shower to moisturize.
  19. All of them have flattened, but Im wondering if I should allow a grace period for my skin to naturally heal the marks before using the peel?
  20. I have my acne moderately under control, I get maybe 1 or 2 pimples a week or sometimes I can go a couple weeks without any. Last week I had a major breakout on both sides of my face. I had about 10 pimples. They have all subsided but now after about a week I have some bad red marks from them. I was wondering how long I should wait before doing a peel?