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  1. AAAAAH i hate those people. I hate how people suggest things thinking they know better. Just talking about this specific topic MAKES ME SO FRUSTRATED. They think they know what to do just because they have clear skin. Well maybe thats because YOURE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON THAN ME. I once got in an argument with my grandma about this I was about to put a fork in her eye. She said for me to stop using those harmful chemicals on my face or something stupid like that. She also said for me
  2. my acne cleared up steadily as the weather got warmer but thats maybe because i toned down the amount of BP i used than when i did a few months ago... its either one of those two.
  3. kids are the worst i want to kick em in the face. but.. i never did. theyre too young and naive to know better.
  4. life sucks i would had killed myself months ago if my acne had kept up (thank god it didnt). Oh wait thats not very positive is it. Honestly, if i were you i would try and enjoy the world and ignore those ugly people that try and put you down for something you really cant help. Its their fault for being so ignorant. life sucks i dont like it either. deal with it.
  5. yea the first time around I used way too much BP and AHH but once I accepted that too much of these chemicals were harmful I began only using 3/4 a pump and I was able to clear up. Oh and as for the moisturizer I use a single pump of neutrogena oil-free moisturizer + 1 drop of dan's jojoba oil.
  6. As with all cases of acne it started with just a single pimple. Then it grew to a few more pimples... and before I knew it my face was a battlefield. Well, I've won the war. And I know when credit is due, so thank you acne.org for supplying me with the most powerful weapon ever - bp. I first started this regimen to no avail. In fact, it made my condition even worse. At about 2 weeks in I made the foolish mistake of using the Alpha Hydroxide Acid and now that I look back.. I really smothered bot
  7. Ok, well pre regimen my face was far from mild but I'll give the lemon thing a shot. Thanks for the story Sheepo. I guess my new regimen will be lemons and omega 3 fish oil..
  8. Ya know, I have not thought of that way but this makes a lot of sense considering how it was working so well in the first week of use. Boy, I feel stupid for not thinking of this before. But tonight I'm still giving my face a rest from all this... facial battle. I guess I'll give my face another week on just half a pump and see how it goes from there. And if that doesn't work I'll resort to the lemons idea. How long have you been using lemons for your face? Should I just dab it with a cotton
  9. Oryon, I was lucky I never experienced the redness I hear about, I only had a mild case of flaking.... But the stuff never worked. And who's spreading this 2-3% bullshit, I'd like to see some real data rather than people claiming it doesn't work for that specific few because some other poster said it. So, tonight I'm using the cleanser and getting this crap off my face once and for all. It's a real shame because I had so much hope for it. I guess it's just my luck then huh? So then where should
  10. Maybe I'll pick some Omega 3 fish oil up and give it a shot... but you didn't have to say it three times did you?! lol
  11. Used to be taking some Centrum A to Zinc until I ran out a few weeks ago. I don't feel it had any impact on my acne. Hard to explain my diet, but I eat like.... I dont know any normal person? I avoid drinking milk except I do have to resort to cereal occasionally. Did eat a bit more sugar than my average day this Xmas vacation.
  12. Regimen: Purpose Gentle Cleanser Dan's BP Neutrogena Moisturizer + 4 drops of Jojoba Oil Dan's AHA at night I really came to this site extremely excited about getting clear with the regimen. During the first week of use it seemed like a miracle. Everything was clear and for the first time in years I had 0 pimples on my face. The only thing haunting me was the red marks from the previous acne. I couldn't have asked for anything better to step into my life. Maybe it was just councidental. All th
  13. Ok this is a joke right? This entire post looks like its made by a 10 year old and his first language is definately not english. Im choosing not to believe in this post because it seems like a complete joke. I have no sympathy. Even if this were real you could of at least typed it out like an intelligent human being.
  14. Changing formula's usually causes breakouts, but It's probably going to reduce redness and help you in the long run. good luck
  15. This is definately true. I always wondered why the acne on the right side of my face was twice as bad as the acne on my left. Recently I learned its because I lean my head against the wall and let the hot shower water hit the right side of my body. I don't know why I didn't make this connection before. I had right side neckne, body acne, backne, and face acne. I haven't been doing it for a while and so far everything is clearing up. If you want my advice take a cool shower but if you're exposing