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  1. Great Moisturizer - Have Been Using for 5 Years Now

    I've been using this product about 5 years now. Here's my regimen. -Acne.org Cleanser with Soft Loofah Washcloth for Face -Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub with Soft Loofah Washcloth for Body -Pura D'or Original Hair Thinning Shampoo -Clinique Clarifying Lotion Level 1 (Really it's a Toner) applied with a soft towel -Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL applied with fingers I'm now 39 years old and this has been the best system I've use
  2. I did 40mg of Tane for 6 months, My skin was freaking perfect for that whole time. I actually felt free, like a door to life was opened for me. Then a month after getting off the oil returned to my skin, and buisness as usual began. Any answers you have, I'd love to hear. I'm seriously thinking of just getting it under the table, and taking 20mg a day for the rest of my life, should be enough to keep me clear. What do you think?
  3. Started using Retin-A Seriously a couple weeks ago. I hate how Dry and nasty my skin looks. I really don't have a huge problem with acne thanx to accutane but I have alot of enlarged pores so I'm hoping the Retin-A Flaking will shrink em. Do you know if it will? Also, Does it always make your skin look so scaly? Let me know! Thanx!
  4. Sounds Great. Can I use this in place of a Moisturizer, I'm not digging my M2 anymore.
  5. Thank GOD for that oil, that's what will keep you looking younger for YEARS to come, that's why Black people look so much younger as they age! It's True So....I'm pretty oiley (Like take a shower, an hour later my forehead is greasy) Gross right? lol I did accutane for 6 months, a LOW dose of 40mg per day. I'm 175 pounds. While I was on it, WOW, completely clear skin, NO OIL, NONE, an Hour at the Gym and NO OIL, I mean none. HOWEVER, a month after I got off, started breaking out again, DERM s
  6. I used it last night too! It flakes the skin pretty good. I use 0.1% but ONLY like once a month, more to exfoliate than anything. The way I understand it, it works to bring stuff up to the surface, it also THINS out the skin, it is a Cream form of Accutane (Vitamin A). Speaking of which have you tried Accutane. It had Cured me with ONLY dry lips as a side affect. But I took such a low dosage. I'll have to do another round. Just throwing it out there, you're a beautiful person. I hate to see how
  7. I started getting pretty oily again about a month after I stopped taking Accutane. This is SUCH a double edged sword, the oils keep us looking younger longer, but also seem to make us (at least me) much more proan to acne. Hopefully for your sake the oils just keep you looking beautiful and younger for many years to come
  8. :) photoshop is my friend, I can make anyones skin look perfect :P
  9. Hey, you never replied back, just making sure you're ok :)

  10. Well you can't tell from that pic :)

  11. Can't respond, reached my message limit, lol. I am on accutane and it is a miracle drug

  12. Reached my message limit, can't reply grrrr, I don't have msn only yahoo :)

  13. What type of work do you do?

  14. I reached my limit on messages today, can't reply to you. Do you have a myspace??

  15. My Skin was completely oil free after 1 month on Accutane!!!