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  1. Ok, so I guess I am really bad at this. It's been a couple of months, so I have a lot to report. I haven't had any breakouts in about 2 months but I do still have a lot of little bumps underneath the skin (blackheads I'm presuming. Anyways, even those do seem to be trying to make a grand departure. I still have a lot of red marks,but they are starting to face. I use a really good, but mild cleanser which has been a godsend. I leave for Italy in less than a month, and unfortuntaely, I w
  2. Hey Debbie Sounds like things are starting to improve. I had the same problem with the birth control pills. I switched around September of last year, and it wreaked havoc on my skin. It was awful, I had enormous cysts...much worse than I had ever had in my life. Very traumatizing, which is what inevitably led me to accutane. Now that I've been on the BC a while, my skin is about settled. The accutane has certainly helped this too. Well I hope everything else is going well for you!! Reina
  3. Hello Everyone, I haven't had a chance to update in a while (very difficult semester) so here it goes. I am completely lost as to what week I am on...7th maybe? I was doing really good for a while, and then it came to be that time of the month. Clearly, accutane is not stronger than hormones because I am still nursing a few monster zits. Other than that, I still have a ton of blackheads (per usual) I think I am finally starting to get the dry scalp under control. My roommates and I final
  4. Day 30 I had my dermatologists appointment today at the 1 month mark. It went well, although I only actually talked with the nurse. I actually like her a lot better than my dermatologist, but apparently my dermatologist is on vacation, so she went over my file and recommended that this month I will increase to 40mg/2x a day...so 80mg a day, which makes me very nervous. First of all, my derm didn't even see me, so she has no way of knowing whether or not an increase is warranted. Secondly, my
  5. your dog is so cute! i wanted those dogs but we got english pointers instead.(:

  6. LOL I feel like I was reading a description of myself!! Especially about the test taking...I am hardcore about studying. I do understand your feelings very well, I have been experiencing similar effects...such as not being able to concentrate. I am suppose to have a huge math exam next monday...and math is a very sore spot for me, so normally I would have started studying LAST weekend, but I cannot bring myself to open up the book. I feel like someone needs to hold a gun to my head to start.
  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I am still at war with the third eye, although it has flattened significantly over the weekend. I pretty much just stayed at home, which was fine..seems I had a ton of stuff for school that I needed to get done. I am praying it will be gone by the next weekend though. As far side effects...HOLY DANDRUFF!! I am using the selsum blue, which relieves the itching a bit, but I have the worst dandruff I have ever hand in my life. No black shirts for me. My hair
  8. Makeup is such a pain in the A$$..I have always had a love/hate relationship with makeup...I hate wearing it, but most of the time..I need it. I think it has also been a culprit in a lot of my break outs over the years..switching and such. I now use everyday minerals, which I really do like. I've tried a lot of mineral makeups in the past, and all of them made my face itch..to the point where my face would be red by the end of the day because of the irritation. I've never had this problem wi
  9. I used a little bit of the faux tan by bare escentuals. It is noncomedegenic, and it smells good (like almonds). I mix a little bit into my facial moisturizer at night, and it works very well. It's a bit pricy but I've found it to last for a couple of months. Go to sephora. Hope that helps
  10. Congrats on starting! I hope your first week goes well. Did you ask your derm about getting injections at all while on accutane? I really want to get one injected but I'm afraid I will make it worse! I have a really awful purple mark too, from the cyst that I got injected about a month ago. It is ridiculously hard to cover with make up...but it's getting a little better since being on tane. Let us know how your first week goes!
  11. The gel lasted me about 8 months. Its actually a great value, and I have found the ingrediants to much more gentle on the skin.
  12. Just another day on accutane... Well I am suffering from a mild break out right now, which sucks. I plucked between my eyebrows over the weekend, and must have irritated the skin too much, because now I have a HUGE pimple right there. It is bordering on cystic, and its hard to the touch. GRRRR. Of all of the places!! That, and I have TONS of blackheads...probably 20 at least, and they are all under the skin. You can see them in the wrong lighting, and they are absolutely inferiating. Looks
  13. Looks like your seeing results! I hate the awkward zits, I got one right between my friggin eyes last week..that one hurt. As far as the tanning goes, you should try bare escentuals faux tan. I never believed in self-tanners until I found this stuff. If you go to makeupalley.com (great site btw...review every makeup/body products ever made) you will see how great of reviews it got. You can even use it on your face, and it won't make you break out. It's definitely worth the try if you feel y
  14. Hey UTvols- I'm glad I'm not the only one who had the really nasty side effects after drinking. I am using the Biomedic Glycolic Cleanser-its made by La Roche Posay...which you have to either order online (dermstore is great...free shipping) or I know a lot of spas/aesthicians offices carry it. It is actually really gentle, and I have been using it for about 6 months now. As far as actives go, it definitely speeds up the healing process. I had a huge one right by my eyebrow last week, and it
  15. Oh, and one other thing I should mention. My hair has been a NIGHTMARE to deal with!! It is sooo dry...I really can't even wash it at this point. I washed it on Tuesday (I know that sounds gross) but I condition everyday..with heavy conditioner. It is naturally very curly and thick, and now with it being dry...it is impossible to deal with. Everyday this week, I have had to put it in a ponytail because I can't do anything with it. Has anyone had this problem?