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  1. Try a combination. I just bought a combination of flax seed oil, borage oil and evening primrose oil. It's cheaper than buying all 3 seperatly. They have them all proportioned for daily amounts. It's Spectrum naturals I think.
  2. When I swim regularly my skin is totally clear. 100%, I don't even worry about it!. My hair gets fried thou, be sure to get swimmers shampoo. Good luck with it.
  3. HAHA. I think I've almost beat this thing. I tried adding the water regimen to everything I've been doing. My skin is looking the best it has in 2 years. I'm also on a liver cleanse that I got from this naturopath we saw. I may be imagining things but my hair and nails are growing like crazy, my eyes look whiter too.
  4. The liver cleanse is working quite well, my nails have stopped splitting, my skin is healing really well...I used to scratch myself and it would stay around for a few days...now that doesn't happen anymore. My hair feels really soft...but my face just broke out today . She said it could get worse before it gets better. Knock on wood.
  5. drink wheatgrass...it's a good source of vita k. it heals your liver which can heal the red marks. I'm on a liver program (herbs etc.) and I'm noticing my hair is alot softer, skin is less oily, heals better and my nails are growing like crazy. Also try herbal logix. (vita e, k, c in it.)
  6. If you don't go once a day then you're considered "constapated" If you're constapated then there's more toxins in your body...eat lots of apples and drink lots. Lots of fruit+veggies then it should be more normal. Since I eat better now my skin is much better. But that's just me.
  7. You were right about what she said. Said to keep on taking normal vitamins. She put me on a herbal detox (herbal drops 3 times a day) for a month to heal my liver. And digestive enzymes. I'm allergic to milk, and shellfish and I have alot of food sensitivities...like if I eat too many tomatoes I get lots of canker sores. The enzymes are supposed to help your digestion of those foods. I stopped eating red meat about 3-4 years ago when my mom got cancer. Now if I eat it I get sick, she said
  8. If you're taking zinc, make sure there's copper in it. Zinc to copper ratio should be 10:1 or 12:1. Don't take one without the other. Zinc depletes copper and copper depletes zinc. Zinc helps strengthen your immune system overall.
  9. Yes! When our bodies are dehydrated we can get rashes through the skin... our bodies are 75% water, even our bones are water, it helps to flush out toxicity...when you don't drink lots of water you sometimes get constapated :S. That contributes toxins to your body. That can show up in the form of acne or rashes.
  10. I read that symptoms often get worse before they get better...makes sense.
  11. I'm going 2 a naturopath tommorow to look for ways to clear up my skin... and just 4 general health. Has anyone done this? I'm going 2 ask about fasting and liver flushes and which is right 4 me, and which is best to take (between green tea, flaxseed oil, aloe vera gel, garlic, evening primrose oil, coconut oil etc.) She specializes in getting nutrients out of the foods you eat...and taking as little vitamins as possible. -will update with my results Has anyone ever tried this? *also going
  12. I was looking at all these posts on line and was bummed that I had to change my entire lifestyle to clear up my skin. I'd say my acne was mild-moderate. But there are a few things that can help... -eliminate dairy, especially if you're allergic or lactose intolerant (I'm allergic and have been since birth, it gave me a bunch of ear problems...now that I don't eat it anymore my skin is a hell of alot better.) -if you eat flour make sure it's wholegrain [email protected] least 4 RAW fruits and veggies a day, w
  13. I heard buying a shower water purifyer could be helpful for better skin tone and less irratiation etc. My skin's pretty sensitive so I thought this could help. Anyone thought of this? Has anyone heard of the PiMag water system. I was @ this heath expo thing and I'm wondering if it's all bull or any of it works. Says it benifits the skin.
  14. oi the aftertaste is horrible. It just keeps coming back. Plug your nose b4 you chug it down though and I didn't taste it much. You can also put it with other juice (like celery) and then it just tastes more like a salad...
  15. I've been reading alot of books and articles on wheatgrass l8ly. It sounds like a miracle drug. I was wondering if anyone had heard the same things I have...Wheatgrass-the Chlorophyll Cocktail that cures Purifies and Rebuilds the blood Increases hemoglobin production Alkalinizes Blood Cleanses the colon Heals Intestinal Walls Chelates out heavy metals Purges the liver Oxygenates cells Heals wounds Is Bacteriostatic Detoxifies Cellular Fluids Raises Enzyme activity Elevates 'Chi'