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  1. if your not fructose intolerant, i wouldnt even bother. im still struggling with this jawline cystic bullsh!t.
  2. yea, 30-40% of central europe has fructose intolerance or malabsorption. im pretty sure i have it, becuase i cut out all sugar and fruits, and my skin is doing ALOT better, and also i dont have as bad of digestion as i used to. i kinda came to the fructose conclusion after eating a spoon of honey on my breakfast oats, about 3-4 hours later my abdomen felt like it was going to explode...and i broke out a the day after. After reading about it, symptoms, and its most common frequency in central eur
  3. hey lilivg really random question but may i ask what you ancestry is, like irish, german, mexican, etc. i have strong central european ancestry from germany and i think im fructose intolerant but im not 100% sure, when i looked it up fructose malabsorption and intolerance is the highest in central europe,...
  4. maybe poeple with acne have problems absorbing nutrients, and thats what the diet acne link comes into play. like people curing acne with vitamins and diet...
  5. hmm yea i tried borage oil and it made my skin more oily and borken out, thats why i just stick with fish oil and res v. i also breakout mainly around my mouth chin and jawline. you should really try fish oil instead and see how it works for you.
  6. hey andersoj im kindof tempted to try the resveratrol cream that rev genetics sells. also beacuse when they did their studies on res v in regards to acne, and other skin problems it was with topical use of resveratrol. i wonder if the cream has them same ingredients or close...
  7. im a male and i get acne on my chin, jawline and upper neck. could it possibly be from hormones or is that only a female thing?
  8. oh really, i just bought the rev genetics 500mg so i can only hope for the best. i also bought some borage oil and im gonna give that a try.
  9. has anyone tried Rev Genetics Resveratrol, megaresveratrol is currently out of stock with the 50% resv and im trying to decide if i should go with rev genetics or mega resveratrol's 99%, what do you guys think?
  10. so borage oil fish oil combo is the best way to go? I'm currently just using fish oil and it's helped alot but I'm not 100% clear I'm trying to decide if I should add borage oil or just up my fish oil. Any help would be much appreciated, thanx guys!
  11. hmm sesame seeds, well I know that resveratrol is a very potent AA inhibitor but I wonder how it compares to sesame seeds. Have you noticed any significant difference supplementing sesame into your diet?
  12. hah thats awsome im actually considering transfering to boulder. but yea my skin is doing really good right now i have no new breakouts old one are healing, ive been avoiding oily foods and i upped my fish oil to 6 pills a day, and res v to 6 pills also (which still really isnt much of either considering res v only yeilds 500 mg per 2 pills, and fish oil is 600mg per cap so it come out to like 3.5 grams of fish oil) but im doing fine as far as that goes. i might gradually go to 8 resv and 8 fish
  13. whenever i eat vegetable oils, fatty meats, or anything too high in omega 6, that truns into too much Arachidonic acid inside the body which causes breakouts. there are a few threads on this also. ive noticed this becuase i was visiting colorado for a few days and all i ate was carbs, cereal bars with sugar, and alcoholic sugar drinks, no meat, no oils, and i didnt breakout at all! carbs and sugar dont seem to affect me nearly as much as fatty foods. i also breakout on my chin and jawline. i not
  14. hmm, im not quite sure that the resveratrol we take has too much of an effect on our insulin resistance. the study they did on the mice was in extremely high doses, much more than what we take as humans. and also i think the main reason for res v's action against acne comes down to its ablilty to regulate PPRs and inhibit Arachidonic Acid in our bodies. i also notice that res also works much better when used with fish oil supplements. whenever i eat to much fatty foods, or fatty meats, with vege
  15. what do you think is helping you the most out of everything?? im currently using 4 res v pills, and 4 fish oil which comes out to a total of 2.4 grams of omega 3, and im doing good. im upping my dose to 6 res v pills, and 6 fish oil now, i might add the borage oil to see if that helps also. i was reading that resveratrol has a very short half life in some of the imminst forums and other articles, so it doesnt stay in your blood stream for very long. i figured if i up my dose a little mayb i can