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  1. Hey! I just came across this thread now. I know for a fact that you can get Aveeno products in Tesco. I've seen them with my own eyes. Not sure if this Redness Reliever thing would be available, but I know that Aveeno moisturizers are good in general. You could try Cetaphil, which you can get in Boots, because that's quite gentle on your skin. The redness could be from irritation. Just thought I'd let you know about the Aveeno products, but to be honest, I don't know how to deal with redness.
  2. Well, I'm doing it at the moment. I took Minocycline last year and it cleared me up great. Then, my acne came back worse than ever after the summer. I went back on the Minocycline, but my acne was so bad that I thought I might try some supplements (Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B) and diet changes to see if it would help. So far, my acne is becoming slowly (very slowly) less aggressive, but it's not improving much at all really. It could just be my impatience... I never thought that the zinc might
  3. All of the things I've read here are pretty horrible! People are so tactless! I've been lucky that nobody has ever said anything nasty to me directly about my skin, or even behind my back (not that I would know ). What happens to me is that my friends will talk about other people's acne in front of me. And it's always negative (of course ) . Like, "Some of the guys in our school have such bad acne." or "He's nice, but his acne is awful.". This is quickly followed by a backtrack when they r
  4. Yup, it's the same thing. I think it's just a different company that makes it over here (Ireland). That's a coincidence that we're both on it and staying away from chocolate! I've only been doing this for two weeks, but I've already found myself caving! My friends offer me a piece of chocolate, and I can't say no! I tell myself I'm just trying to be polite... Anyway, keep updating on how you get on. It'll be interesting to see if it works for either of us!
  5. I'm actually doing something similar at the moment. No chocolate during the week, and only in moderation at the weekends. Well, I couldn't possibly have given it up completely! Overall, I'm just trying to be healthy, and not eat too much junk. I've also been trying to get more sleep, which hasn't been working very well because I'm under serious pressure at school (which doesn't help with the whole stress issue either!). So far, I've seen a slight improvement, but I'm also on Minocin atm so
  6. Yeah, I guess. I've been thinking about it, and for all I know, my acne could have become just as bad as it is now even if I hadn't taken antibiotics. I can't be completely sure that it's because of the medication, and at least I've tried to get it under control. I suppose it's just a case of trial and error until I find something that works. Thanks, that's actually put it in perspective for me a bit.
  7. Ugh. Does anyone else regret going on medication for their acne? At the time I started antibiotics, I thought my skin was awful. Now when I look at pictures, even from last year, I wish I could have skin that clear. It makes me even more depressed about my skin to think that maybe I could have avoided it if I hadn't started taking antibiotics. Now my acne is so bad I have no choice but to continue with antibiotics or start accutane. Plus, if it does eventually clear up, I'm gonna have some prett
  8. Thanks for your reply! You know, what really annoys me is that my dermatologist saw that my skin had gotten much worse, and he still put me back on the Minocin. I think I may end up having to go on Roaccutane pretty soon, because I am sick of antibiotics! I'll just keep hoping for the best.
  9. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing as I have. I was on Minocin for all of last year, and stopped just before the summer. For three (wonderful) months before I went back to school, I had relatively clear skin, with only the occasional spot and, of course, some scarring. About two or three weeks after school started again, I broke out worse than I ever have. It could be that it's my last year of school and we have exams and I'm under more stress than I was last year