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Equate Works Great: I have Before + After Pictures!
Cheap Effective 100% Clear This is not a moisturizer! It's not Dan Kern's system This stuff works, and I have the before and after pictures to prove it. I want you guys to know that Equate works just like Proactiv's 3-step system. It sells for about $12.00 at Walmart, probably depending on where you live. The only reason why I don't give this system a full 5/5 star rating is because it doesn't come with a moisturizer. Remember folks, we're using Benzoyl Peroxide at 2.5% he

By ttomp13,

WARNING! Avoid 100% Tea Tree Oil!!!!
Cool and Clean Feeling Strong Smell Cystic Acne Not as Good as the Regimen 5% Tea Tree Oil = 5% Benzoyl Peroxide? Most people here are going to use tea tree oil, because they see that it's been compared to 5% benzoyl peroxide. I read this study as well, and I'm hearing that 5% tea tree oil may still work, as long as you dilute it in a carrier oil or water. Makes sense. You wouldn't want to slather 100% b.p. all over your face, and the same goes for tea tree oil.

By ttomp13,