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  1. Neither, I went to the clinic in Perth. The doctor told me she normally has the setting on 30, but turned it up to 35 for me. So you didn't apply any retinoids to the treated areas? I was recommended not to by the doctor. where are you getting this done in canada or europe? where in ontario did you have this done? kingston or brampton? i didnt ask what setting it was on but when i peaked at the machine it was on setting 8. just eat healthy, have good vitamin intake and apply polysp
  2. I had my treatment done in Canada. So everything went pretty smooth for me. The doctor where I went for the procedure was knowledgable, super nice, and most important of all, compassionate. Treatment took roughly an hour with a total of 160 injections. As far as pain goes, I am farely tolerant so it felt like pin pricks to me. I was told to apply some form of antibotic ointment for the next few days and to keep the area moist. Now to play the waiting game for the next few months and see
  3. Going in tomorrow for treatment. I'm optimistic about Airgent, but am realistic about the results. Either way, I feel it's better to try then not since you'll never know if it'll be effective for you.
  4. Yep Great so it takes 5 years until we have to go again maybe he means as the skin ages we will lose more collagen?
  5. GuyGermany, Thanks for the feedback. Where and when did you receive your treatment?
  6. So I contacted one of the clinics closest to my location and asked about long term results of Enerjet. I was told that a series of 3 treatments are needed for "optimal" results. Results are supposedly good up to 5 years in which a followup treatment is recommended after. I asked about the correlation between the application of Enerjet and subsicion and I am waiting for followup call from the doctor. Does anyone know what the difference between the old Airgent and new Enerjet machine is?
  7. Enter your zip code at "Find a physician" on the upper right here: http://www.skinremodeling.com/physician-locator I am looking into getting the Enerjet treatment myself. For those who live on the east coast in the states, there are 4 options up in Ontario.
  8. It's normal for the treated areas to look deeper after TCA Cross. There is a layer of TCA on top of your scars, which makes an illusion of worse looking scars.
  9. Can you provide an update after the 4th week? It looks like you responded very well from the treatment, but it could be just swelling. Thanks kz12.
  10. What did the doctor say about expectations? Ice pick scarring is very difficult to treat. I am very interested in seeing your results. Thanks for posting.
  11. I've been to a few dermatologists in New York City. Most of the derms tend to push laser treatments. I've had one Total FX treatment (equivalent of a Fraxel repair) done my Dr. Quintana. It cost me $2500 and I didn't see any noticeable improvements from it. I've been to Dr. Paul Frank and he offers TCA Cross and also does silicone injections. I've had 2 treatments of silicone injections done and he has been nice enough to throw in a few Cross spot treatments in for free. He was quite honest a
  12. You should start treating the scar before it fully develops into scar tissue. New scars tend to respond better to treatment then old mature scars. That's the case for me anyway.
  13. Thanks for such a detailed post. I've also had needling done by Frank late February of this year and have to agree with you that Frank is very knowledgeable and shows that he cares. Although I haven't noticed much improvement from my scarring through the past 6 months, I am glad I had this procedure done before leaping into something more invasive. Pretty much of the needling procedure was dead on like MoreThanAFace said. I also had problems with pimples on my chin post procedure even tho
  14. Hello Hope112, I had needling done by Frank last month. I've self needled before with somewhat good results so instead of standing in front of a mirror sticking myself with lancets I opted to go see Frank (finally). My family was also very vary of me getting this done by someone without a medical degree, nevertheless I took a week off of work and got it done anyway. It's too early to gauge improvements, but I took pictures of my skin pre and post procedure so I can compare the before and afte