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  1. Hey, I recently had ridiculous moderate/severe acne and went to the doctor because i couldnt get into a derm until march. He suggested that I use benzaclyn or w/e and some antibiotics. Its been clearing up quite a bit considering its basically all over my cheecks. My face is kinda dry and its really flakey. He told me to use it every night before i go to bed. and ive been following his directions perfectly. What im wondering is, would it be benificial to keep doing this or should i try to just
  2. I dont know what to do... These past two years my acne has gone from not so bad to absolutely horrible. I hate going out because i know people will just be like oh wow look at him... Now i only go out for stuff i need and i always wear like huge hoddies to cover up my face. Its becomming so rediculous. I went to the doctor the other day and he even noticed how bad it was and he just gave me some antibiotics and some cream and now my face is even DRYER than b4. Its so unbearable i just wanna scra
  3. hey man, i have almost the EXACT thing as you have, cept my skin is dry as a bone and urs is quite oily. I too have tried alot of junk that just doesnt seem to work at all. the past 2 days i have been tryin acv as a toner ( cant drink it haha its nastay!!)and i "want" to believe its going to work but i just have this feeling that it will do absolutly nothing. And im totally with you for the accutane stuff. i dont want to take it cuz of the side effects but i know i will have to in order for thi
  4. would it be the same to go to a reg doctor than a dermatologist? like would it be better to go to a derm?
  5. I was wondering if there is like ANYTHING that I could possibly do while i wait to try to keep this junk at bay or maybe decrease the crappyness. my skin is to sensitive for topical creams ive tried quite a few. just water makes my face dry -.- and just moisterizing does do anything but make those most beautiful white spots say hi every morning. Ive tried honey masks, it kinda worked the first time then did nothing the rest of the times i tried. It basically keeps getting worse so if anyone h
  6. Hey man i know how you feel... ive been putting up with my crappy face for who knows how long.. ive just learned to deal with it. I mean Ive tried alot of stuff and none of it seemed to work. And if people dont like you cuz of the way your face is that tells you something right there... if you look at my pics thats how my face is all the time and thats pretty bad but i really dont care what people think of me and honestly i think you should try to think that to, it may help out a bit. im sure y
  7. yeh i had a feeling i would prolly need to take up that stuff... Well any of u think that maybe honey masks or lemon juice or stuff like that will help with the dryness up to and during the time i take accutane? Cuz atm my face is really dry and flakey.. is there anything that i can do for that right now?
  8. Yeh when i say i tried everything i basically mean over the counter stuff.. i actually got retin a once and it just dried up my skin and made me so uncomfortable i had to stop. Lately ive had nothing to try so im just seeing what happens if i dont do anything to it. Im just afraid that this will effect me in ways i would not rather happen to me.. like id rather have acne than screwed up joints or stuff to that extent. But i was reading around for stuff to do while i wait such as rub lemon juice
  9. Ive tried almost everything except a few suggestions i got earlier.. Is my acne bad enough for accutane.. Topical creams just irritate my skin so much i have to stop using them, I havnt tried antibiotics yet. But If i do go on accutane how will it most likely effect me? I am a track runner and soccer player, will it effect how i do sports in college?(because i read about joint pain) What are the long term effects that most people have too? If i go on accutane how should i take care of my sk
  10. anyone else? anything would be absolutly AMAZING
  11. no unfortunantly i dont have that rosacea its stupid acne -.- But i will try anything cept topical medicines cuz they just make my skin soo uncomfortable its almost unbearable. Oh my grandpa also gave my L-lysine cuz he said it help with his niess' skin but it hasnt done anything for mine. If anyone has heard of that working, should i keep taking it? And i have a really really really bad feeling im gunna have realy really bad scarring....... is there anything that i can use to help not get super
  12. OK first of all my acne is, I think, horrible ( i believe its between moderate and severe, but it all looks the same to me) . I dont have any pictures sorry. Ive tried everything from proactive to retin a or w/e its called and it just seems to not get any better at all. I was googling acne one day and came across this site. I watched everything and read everything that was on here and decided to try a "regimen" of my own. My mom didnt want me to buy anything from this site. So i went to walma