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  1. Hey everyone, Does anyone know how long it takes for Benzoyl Peroxide to fully absorb into the skin? I'm basically wondering how soon you can wash it off your skin and still get the maximum benefit as you would by just leaving it on. I'm trying to find sources online, but i can't find anything.
  2. My Derm wants me on Accutane for a total of 8 months!!!!!!!!!!! I took 40 mg for first month, completed 4 months at 80mg, and will remain on 80 mg for next 3 months. Has anyone heard of this large of a cumulative dose? I weigh about 180 lbs.. I would feel better if someone else has heard or personally been on such a dose. Thanks! Edit: I should mention that its mainly for body acne
  3. This is my 2nd round of Accutane and I'm past month 4. I was using Accutane for stubborn bacne. I was thinking of going until completely clear. I did the common 40, 80,80,80, etc routine. Has anyone heard of people going 7,8,9 months on this dosage?
  4. I feel a little bit discouraged. I just completed a 6 month course of Accutane at the end of June (40mg 1st month, 80 mg remaining months.) Face wasn't really bad. I took it for neck and back. It cleared up great, but I just noticed a small cyst/bump on my back. It wasn't red. But you can feel it. Did anyone here ever get a small relapse a few months after treatment and then it went back to being clear for awhile? This sucks
  5. Ever have elevated triglycerides during your treatment and was successful in bringing those levels down through diet and exercise? Any tips, suggestions or resources?
  6. I did 40mgs of Clarus for my first month. I then switched to the real Roche Accutane and did 80 mgs when I found out it was only $5 to $10 more I think. I figured I might as well take the real deal if I'm going to be taking it anyway
  7. Yeah, I'm about 3 months in to my treatment. I noticed that within the 1st week or 2 the blackheads on my nose disappeared. Then I started to notice small blackheads in the area just under my eyes (top of cheekbone) which I never had before. It wasn't long before they went away. You're probably going to break out in areas you never did before even 3 months in. Just be prepared
  8. I second the Blistex. The blue Blistex tube with the yellow lettering....i think it's the Lip Medex. I tried Aveeno, Burt's Bees, Vaseline, but Blistex has the best staying power.
  9. Anyone ask their Derm if they could stay on accutane for another month at the end of their course?
  10. Just wondering if anyone ever switched brands of "Accutane" from month to month or mid-course. Would it make any difference? Anyone prefer one brand over the other?
  11. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if other people will notice from looking at you that you're on something. I KNOW EVERYONE CAN REACT DIFFERENTLY. But, do most other people notice the redness of face, dry face, red eyes, or chapped lips (assuming you stay ontop of applying lip balm). And if it is noticeable, is it embarrassingly so? Please advise
  12. Personally, I wouldn't take the vaccine in the first place, do a little research on the effects vaccines have, and past history in which vaccinations actually made people sick, several leading to death. Google it. -Vaccine Dangers- But doesn't taking Accutane lower your immune system? I would think it would be wise to take an anti-flu shot, but I'm afraid it might not be good with Accutane.
  13. Anyone ask their Doc if it's OK to take the H1N1 vaccine while on Accutane?
  14. I'm sure millions have tried it, but I don't often see it mentioned. Buy yourself a plastic loufa and a Purpose bar or Dove sensitive skin bar. 1) Wet the loufa 2) Wet the bar 3) Rub the bar into the loufa for a few seconds. Voila! A foamy body wash that's cheap and is the exact same product you use on your face.