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  1. what to do when u feel bumps under the skin????? Do nothing to it, if you usually dont get big cysts, this is more than likely just an over-grown pastule. Really, squeezing it, and applying all that stuff makes it SO much worse, just try not doing anything for once. If you really want to apply something to make u feel better, neosporin on the bump will numb the pain and help reduce swelling. Chemicals just make them stay longer....i learned the hard way, now whenever i feel big pimples un
  2. anyone wanna give it a go? =D
  3. yea, so i was watching CSI a few days ago and it was about how these two girls died. They were old women trying to stay young and the coroner guy found urine in their stomachs. So they go to this doctor guy who does all these treatments for making ppl look younger. CSI rocks btw, but onto the point. So they see this book sitting on the doctor's check in counter that says urine therapy. For fun i just typed it into google to see if it was true, i thought it was fake. Well i was browsing aro
  4. nodules cysts usually last for weeks..maybe months at a time. they also usually leave scars, or at least a bad red mark. I tihnk what u have are pastules..just like a red circle, with white stuff in it, those last just a few days.
  5. ur pores are more closed at night when ur sleeping, hence when u wake up, it looks a lot smoother and nicer. After washing and stuff, it sweeps off all the dead cells and stuff and opens up ur pores. So it looks a lot worse.
  6. boooo, evolution can explain everything. And who said that evolution is 1/ten trillion of a chance to be right? Thinking that god just put down 2 humans on earth isnt. im not sure if there is a god or not, but if there is, he plays no role in our lives. Ur time spent praying for others and urself and what not are better spent acting on it. Actually helpings others rather than praying, or doing stuff to help urself
  7. how do u take dumps every 2-5 days..i have to go every morning....no more no less =D
  8. Try giving her the accidental bump Like bump into her and be like ,"sorry, oH hey, werent u that girl in my middle school class?" kinda like that.
  9. its all about living for the moment. Sure u have the hard times but u also have the great ones. Like having marriage, having children, first kiss, getting rich, buying a house, and all the other crap one finds enjoyment in. I mean if life was really just the same shit over and over again i doubt a lot of us will be stickin around for the next day. Why do we go get educations, go to college, go to jobs? Cuz all ur doing is getting ur way to the next happy thing of ur life. im not sure if
  10. ok i dont think i have cysts then...just prob really bad pastules. Ive seen some ppl with pimples that are like welts on there skin. They are like 1 cm big Are those cysts?
  11. heres a question, would u rather have a lisp for 5 years..or moderate acne for 5 years? And im talkin a bad lisp Like thisp. See thisp!?!?
  12. i think it all depends on how acne really plays a tole on u emotionally. Everyone is different, some think 2 pimples is CRAZY, and others with severe acne can care less. But for me, no i dont think my future would be very different. I hope not at least. =P