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    Hi there, Can someone here recommend me an effective oily skin treatment? I've done 2 Accutane courses and it didn't help oiliness at all. I use Clean & Clear Shine Free face wash and oil blotting sheets, doesn't help much either. So is there anything else I can try? I'm 23 years old btw. Thank you. regards, Andrew.
  2. You're not alone, I've completed two courses of accutane and both times acne came back within 3 months...
  3. male

    Oily face

    Hi there My face gets extremely oily throughout the day, but neck stays dry... I wonder why, is this normal?
  4. Weird, isnt it? Lips are extremely dry, skin around mouth is flaking, yet my face is still oily. Ive been using BP for a year before Accutane, wonder if it could damage my face skin
  5. How about lowering dosage to 20mg on drinking days, would that make any difference?