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  1. I do applause Dr Y for changing his practice to serve his patient’s interest better (if this is the cases).
  2. My dear fellow sufferers, Glad to hear all the progresses of all of you. Here is my update. I had recently gone to consult Dr. Michalak. I told him Dr Y. carried out the procedure and he told me that he had part of his training under Dr. Y and remained close to Dr. Y. He examed my skin to address my concerns: demarcated lines, skin texture and redness. I explained to him unusual redness but he thought it was part of healing process. According to him, it is 100% that redness will go and 80% t
  3. Billyboy, when does this happen? I'm glad to hear tha he has given an objective opinion.
  4. Please read the following post. I was in your position before. I understand the emotion and social sufferings due to imperfection. I had punch float and dermabrasion. I wish you all the best for your decision. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=43358 http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=77967&hl= http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...opic=77368&st=0 Followings are my experience which extracted from a portion of letter to our dear Dr. Y. Du
  5. buknoymaster , Thanks for posting the picture. Does Dr give you an estimated recovery duration? Does Dr ask you to do further surgery (other than punch float)? Hope you have a nice result. Thank you.
  6. This sounds really bad and starts change my view. I did call by July/Aug time frame informing Dr. Y. having recovery problem. At that time, I was so naive and thinking I was my fault (I belong to less 1% of his patient who suffers from the complication). A good Dr should have good a tracking system. He/she should know if his patients can recover from the surgery (which is the least). As for improvement, it is another story. Based on feedbacks, he/she should further enhances his skills/learnin
  7. Please include me when a letter is to be sent to Dr. Y. During my consultation, I ask specifically about hyper-pigmentation and Dr. Y told me that none of his patient fails to recover from hyper-pigmention. The question was asked twice since another member of this board having earlier sign of hyper-pigmentation (3 months) but time period is too short to tell. It can be treated, according to Dr. Y. “None� is very powerfully, statistically speaking. This assurance takes off my last con
  8. I had dermabrasion 1 year and 1 month ago. I experience difficulty of recovering back to my normal skin tone (Type IV, asian). Sorry that I don't have any good idea.
  9. I have been tried out different products over the years. Some of regimens seem to help a little bit, others make the problems worst. I only lists what I think may be useful for people. * Proactive. I try the regimen. Only the BP is good for me. I only using proactive BP.
  10. Hi MissShady, I don't you what you refer to "lizard-like" skin is the same as what I'd been experieced. It happened in 7-8 weeks at my left cheek. At that time, I was shock. It ends up ok after a couple of months. My skin was very tender in week 7-8 post-op and it took some time to heal.
  11. It's almost 6 months post-op. One can still tell the difference with a distant inspection. The recovery road is long and challenging. As for the scar improvement, it does little to make it disappear even for very shallow one. However, it smooths out the sharp edges of bad scars. Sword, is your improvement still around 15%? Sunblock, what's your accessment on improvement?
  12. I had a dermabrasion treatment by Dr. Y. My moderate scars seems to improve more than the mild scar. I don't know if Dr. focused more on the worst area. The emotion swing (up & down) and social life (due to pigmentation) are very challenging for me. Dermabrasion results may vary to individual. Hope this is helpful to you. Good luck.