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  1. Antibacterial soap !helps dry up break outs too (:
  2. At least your lucky that your bf doesnt bite/suck on your cheeks all the time to leave hickeys -__-
  3. Little kids are just curious, they dont really mean any harm. I use to ask my dad why he had holes on his face all the time and he never got mad but i remember when i started breaking out really bad he asked me if i remembered when i would tell him thing about his skin. I guess its karma lol &*i didnt ask/tell my dad things to be mean or make fun i was honestly curious as i think all little kids are
  4. the thing is they made it seem like my acne was contagious and it was for health reasons I couldnt go. specifically they said "bad cases of acne" couldnt go. obvioulsy to me, and everyone else at the school, they were reffering to me since I was the only person in the school with "bad" acne Woooww!! No offense but it seems unreal..
  5. "If you live the right diet and lifestyle you wont get acne even during your period. " @Packerfan785: how would you know about that ^^^^^ if your not even a girl? ..not trying to be rude or anything but its really ignorant if you to say that because 1. your not a girl, so obviously you wouldn't know. 2.almost all girls breakout because of their period some with bigger breakouts then others because not everybody's the same. @acnejean: its good to hear that you don't overly obsess about your s
  6. Hey, I like your regime. I too am following the whole dove soap morning and night and using cold water for my shower. This has helped control the acne as per I have no new breakouts! :)

  7. soda is the main one you need to try to cut out of your diet.. ..if you drink any lol idk
  8. my dad has acne scarring and he doesnt even care !!! people still love him regardless of that and nobody even notices i think. if you only have acne scarring//no hyper pigmentation go out and live your life as if you had flawless skin have funn and enjoy yourself.
  9. act really happy and excited and have big smile on your face . ^talk with enthusiasm to and make people laugh . it should work
  10. like a year and a half ago..i doubt i had perfect skin b4 that but nothing i actually cared about ..
  11. 1. almay clear complexion powder 2. clearisil tinted bp 3. colossal volume mascara 4. dove soap 5. nivea creme
  12. well i mean i know probably acne is reallly because of genetics or wahtever...but okay you guys know theres people out there with perfect skin but you dont know what they go through. in my history teachers class she has a saying posted on the white board saying something like 'dont judge people because they may be fighting a harder battle than you think' or something like that....what im trying to say is that like even if a person seems completly perfect in the outside they may be dealing with e
  13. i think clear for acne sufferers is when you have no bumps to complain about. but i doubt people on here really get clear like you say [tight pores/no oil/no scarring].unless they really dont have full blown acne. for me .. i dont mind having a few scars or pimples but i hate the feeling of a 'bump' thats barely forming