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  1. hi im in auckland lol

  2. Hey your in NZ thats so cool :D im in tauranga atm, wbu?

  3. omg lol hey haha im good although i have been getting not much sleep lol coz im studying all the time haha

    wow sat..poor you you must be busy so am i T^T u hav a new haircut? lol i thought ur hair was long? haha lol im like so tired these days..i hav bags under my eyes and yeah .. good luck for ur exam!

  4. Hey i have been so busy studying lol. How are you? We got exams soon :( and it will be at the same time as my SAT... Hey lol i got my hair cut. It is ugly right?

  5. aww poor you so much work and its the holidays!! lol im supposed to be doing work too but im too lazy hahaha hope ur test goes well lol

  6. Hi! I am currently on this SAT course. It is 3 hours everyday for the whole holiday. So basicly I spend my whole day doing SAT everyday. That is my life lol! The teacher sets like A LOT of homework everyday lol... Anyway i got a test tomorrow so i need to spend a lot tonight.

  7. lol hey! omg i haven't been on this site for ages haha hows ur SAT going? holidays are pretty boring..T^T im just doing art and stuff lol

  8. lol i dont own maths.. haha maths owned me by far hahaha lol yeah i need to study in the holz and do my art and stuff wow SAT in june..thats really soon! good luck with that!! you'll do well of course haha :]

  9. Hey WOW! congrats on your test :D You own at A level maths. If i dont understand anything i might come and ask you :D I need to study in the holidays because i will be taking the SAT at the start of June :(.

  10. yup :) i'm here on an exchange program for several months. it's been amazing so far.

  11. hey lol i got my maths test back today and i got 33! yay..i tried really hard this time and im pretty happy coz i always just got like 60% lol yeah ppl in my class cheated as well..which was pretty lame..-_-; lol anyway yay! its the holidays! what are u planning to do?

  12. Hey you know a lot of people in my class cheated kind of. They saw the test from someone who has already done the test. I was really annoyed because i had to study hard to get my mark but other people they didnt study and still got like 35/38. My teacher would be happy because people in my class did well but he doesnt know a lot of them have seen the test..

  13. Hi! Hey dont worry you will get a good score. It is not hard at all. My teacher is Mr Edwards. I got my test back and i got 37/38, he is a really restrict marker. For the first question he took one mark off because he said he didnt like the way i wrote my answer.... He also said that if he didnt take 1 mark off i would have got 100% but he didnt want to give me 100% which is sad.

  14. lol yeah i have curly hair haha lol my parents kind of do haha omgi did the maths test on friday and we only had 30min coz of assembly..T^T i finished the test tho... i just hope i get a good score..lol who's ur math's teacher?

  15. I have my test on Thursday. My test will be different from everyone elses though because it will include complex numbers. My class is the only class that has finished complex numbers so we have it in the test :(