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  1. Chee6119-- That's right -- I remember reading those posts. So Dr. Despain is in Columbia.... does that mean District of Columbia, British Columbia....?? I'm confused.
  2. I'm with Serratus. 90% genetics, 10% environmental/dietary/stress-related factors. UNLESS you have something like systemic candida. That's a whole nother issue... ~FTIO~
  3. chee6119-- Do you know of any good subcision doctors from personal experience? Because if I'm going to drive halfway across the country for a derm who performs subcision, I'd rather it be by a recommendation, not a Google search!! Thanks so much for your help! ~FTIO~
  4. Mclarensupra-- I read some articles about subcision suction too.... I guess it's a bummer if no one is doing the procedure in-office yet. I'm totally with you when it comes to lasers.... SKIP!!!! Of course, Fraxel (esp. Re:store) makes sense, in theory. It's like a microscopic version of dermarolling. I'm sure it would make at least SOME sort of a difference over time. Well, thanks for the info! ~FTIO~
  5. Hi Tzera! Nashville would be about 7 hours away from me (at the least), but I would still be interested in the information. Did you have subcision performed by that doctor? And if so, were you happy with the results? Thanks so much! ~FTIO~
  6. Okay....subcision. Does it still exist???? Maybe it's just the state where I live....I don't know. But I can't seem to find ANY derms OR plastic surgeons in the ENTIRE STATE who offer subcision as a scar treatment. For those of you who have undergone subcision: was it listed on the website/in the derm's ad, or did you only find out about the service after the consultation? Thanks! ~FTIO~
  7. Hi Scarcrash! Thank you! I will definitely keep everyone updated! Well, the scars I had were mostly from pigmentation, but I know the texture of my skin was pretty uneven too. I'm trying to remember exactly.... I know my pores were huge and I had a few little icepick scars - maybe only two or three indented scars (but they were fairly superficial, if I remember correctly). But I was also doing the whole drinking lemon juice in water every day and using vinegar as a toner routine at the
  8. Well, I try to observe a very healthy diet -- eat lots of green things (spinach especially) - eat no condiments (only some black pepper or salt here and there), lots of raw fruits and veggies, brown rice, oatmeal, homemade 100% whole wheat bread...etc. And water especially! I drink lots of water -- no caffeinated drinks at all! I think I did find a product that works, though...I only started taking it a couple days ago, but I have seen HUGE improvement in my acne... these pills are called "M
  9. I am usually just splashing with lukewarm water and finishing off with Neutrogena's oil-free moisturizer. Occasionally, I use a Korean-made cleansing foam, that's mild and contains no soap. I'm not really looking for external acne treatments...my acne is so deep, I know the only kind of cure that will work is something internal.
  10. I'm not really sure what I think about topical acne treatments. It seems like it's treating the symptoms but not the cause. Usually it's an internal imbalance that causes acne....I don't know: it seems like every time I've tried a topic treatment, my skin has gone crazy. They're just such harsh chemicals! I don't know if it's that I am allergic to topic treatments (like BP or salicylic acid) but every time I've used them, it's like my skin goes into this dormant stage....my acne doesn't c
  11. Also, do you guys' acne generally get worse at the end of summer too?
  12. Well, I am a total fan! This is one of the ONLY internal acne treatments I've tried that worked so quickly and worked so well. If anyone wants to see my before and after pictures, message me and I'll give them to you. I don't want to just post them here generally, though, since it's a full-face shot. The cost is significant, but totally worth it. It even made my hair more healthy...no more dryness or split ends...and it grew faster too when I was on AcnEase!! If anyone has ANY questions
  13. Topic acne treatments are HORRIBLE for sensitive skin. I can totally sympathize with you... every time I've tried a topic treatment, my skin has gone crazy. I don't know if it's that I am allergic to topic treatments (like BP or salicylic acid) but every time I've used them, it's like my skin goes into this dormant stage....my acne doesn't change from day to day...and my skin just gets more red and painful and irritated. The only topical thing I'd suggest is - after splashing your face with w
  14. Hi everyone! Over the summer I got terrible severe, chronic cystic acne... and when I finally decided to call a derm (about a month and a half ago), they said I couldn't get an appointment until March. AHHHH! I am scarring badly and need some suggestions -- I'm not trying to totally cure myself (though of course that would be great! -wouldn't my derm be surprised!!), but I do need something to at least help reduce this swelling and inflammation. My face hurts so badly and parts of it are
  15. The herbal treatment I tried was AcnEase...I was on it for a little over two mos. (but it cleared EVERYTHING up in about three weeks - only got an occasional little breakout for the next several mos. - and that was only during my monthly cycle).... The first month I tried the AE5 treatment (5 bottles a month), the next month I did AE7 (to help with scarring) - and it worked! I was shocked because I thought I was just beyond treatment at that point.....my scars were gone in three months (AcnEa