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  1. I'm not saying don't take a multi vitamin (though I personally do not because it's just ingredients for very expensive urine), but I am saying do not buy the ones animal market. They are ridiculously over priced. The bodybuilding supplement market is so reliant on advertising I think you'd be foolish to buy any well known brand. If you're in the US, truenutrition is the way to go
  2. I don't know if dairy, and therefore whey protein, can cause acne (my suspicion is that if it does it is so minimal you wouldn't care about it). I've been using various proteins derived from milk for over 5 years now and my acne has not worsened because of it. Anything else though, multi vits, pre workouts etc will not worsen your acne, though if you buy them you're just buying into marketing hype anyway - I hate to think how much those animal vits are. You're actually in a similar position to m
  3. I've been on 2 courses of accutane now and although it is better than it was, I am breaking out again now (even though I was doing 100mg/day for a large part of last summer). Before this I tried antibiotics (lol) and various topical things... BP, differin, zineryt, epiduo & azelaic acid to name a few plus some home remedies - tea tree oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar etc etc. Of all of these I rate tea tree and zineryt the most highly but I've just found out the former is an anti-androg
  4. cheers guys. Kind of at the end of my tether with this now (been saying that for the last 6/7 years ha) so I decided to go for it at 100,000IU a day. I don't wanna speak too soon and I'm sure it'll be as bad as ever in a couple of days but my skin is as clear 3 days in as it has been in years. Time will tell. Thanks for the D3 advice I'll pick some up just in case. Fingers crossed I'll be okay though I was using tane for months at 80mg and my bloodwork was pretty much perfect.
  5. ok, firstly I was on 80mg accutane about 2 years ago, and though my skin is now vastly improved it is still bad and is periodically as bad as before I tried the b5 thing before using accutane, cant say it was drastically better though I didnt stick with it for very long due to going on tane. Im also struggling to find any decent vitamin A info on here... I understand it is dangerous and 300,000 IU / day+ has been shown to help etc. At least initially I would be taking a 100,000 dose though.
  6. im only going to have 8 hours fasting for the blood test... is this long enough? last time i did 10 and i think it was fine, in whta way will the results get skewed?
  7. ive tried minocycline when i was ~14 and it did nothing to help from what i remember. im now 18 and running out of options. ive tried b5 megadosing, seemed to work to an extent but not greatly. im currently using ACV topically and drinking 7 teaspoons a day, which has improved in the last 3 weeks or so but does not show any signs of clearing as im still breaking out. im considering going on tane, but living in the UK means i have to wait up to 6 months on the NHS or pay privately (which i d
  8. i bought time released.......does that mean i should be taking less? ........ what happens if i still take 20?
  9. personally I dont feel a bodybuilding diet has any effect on teen acne...I started last year and have had acne for 4-5 years now (17) i wouldnt worry about it
  10. honestly mate you dont understand how bad milk is. I used to drink a gallon a day to pack on mass but the fact is the majority of people are intollerant to it....the exact reason you dont see any pro bbers drinking it and as for gainers....may as well eat a big mac. whey + oats + blender = good meal
  11. I was stupid and went for the full dosage (20 pills a day) straight away. I also didnt take a b-complex. 1.5 days in I notice 2 rashes on my arms, then I came off the b5. a few days later I get 2 nosebleeds IN A DAY. I have only ever had 2 nosebleeds before in my life. so i am certain they caused this Wtf is going on?
  12. ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS. Bodybuilders eat 300-350g+ for 30/40 years if not more yet they have never had ANY liver problems. This is YET ANOTHER myth in the fitness industry, along with the whole steroids saga which also remains completely unproven. you may know about acne and be a respected member of this board and all but frankly i dont care. And please dont provide me with some tin-pot study because I'll cry
  13. This is a GREAT diet... I know of a few national levels teens who have worked with dave personally and have gained great results. And you have 're-feed' days once a week where you stock up on carbs...so no this isnt dangerous at all
  14. JESUS THIS THREAD IS MAKING ME CRINGE. 4.5% bodyfat? i dont think so son...you couldn't maintain that for any period of time. On the Olympia stage theyre at about 3% after 2months dieting + chemical enhancement + diuretics. stop talking bsh*t please. Here is a respectable physique: h ttp://images.yuku.com/image/pjpeg/0201422d230a1bde5325ca7fd8f6cdc063052f.pjpg and here is a complete animal: h ttp://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://runkz.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/jay_cutler2.jpg&
  15. im not being funny mate but your build is nothing special. You may think you look okay because of your naturally low bodyfat but your muscle mass isn't exacly in abundance. How much do you weigh? I know I personally had to eat 250g protein and 4k cals to put on 50lb in my first year. And if I followed your diet now at my current weight of 190 I'd be f*cked. go to bodybuilding.com forums and they'll teach you about nutrition...but please dont post that diet up unless u wana get FLAMED.