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  1. I understand. If your acne is severe, would you ever consider accutane? I know there are side effects on that as well, but I'm just thinking that at least the side effects would only be during the course, rather than ongoing. Finally quoting is fixed! I've read a bit about flutamide over on the soulcyters forum for PCOS and I think there were two instances that I saw liver damage reported. Some people there seem to take it without issue, but then some have bad side effects like fatigue an
  2. Paigems, I can’t quote either, hope that's resolved soon. I thought spiro wasn’t steroidal, but then a quick google search led me to this: I think this warrants more research and not just anecdotal or message board chatter. From my research, flutamide is only harmful to the liver in high doses; it is prescribed in 1000-2000mgs for prostate cancer. Acne doses are much lower at 125-250mgs or 500mgs for severe cases of PCOS. However, I still think it would be advisable to avoid alcohol while on f
  3. noche, I'd look into Emerita or Smoky Mountain Naturals, both of these brands are well reviewed for over-the-counter hormone creams.
  4. Xipp, can you post your supplements? And also tell us about your experience on Estroblock? I was on Nature's Way brand DIM for months and it never helped.
  5. I am taking metformin and inositol, both of which boost progesterone. I’ve read that progesterone is good for acne but also that it can increase sebum production. I’ve noticed my nose is oilier lately, like really oily. I still get nodules; however, in the past I’ve gotten nodules but not had an oily nose. The rest of my skin is dry in fact. I’m wondering if anyone has had an experience with increased oily skin as a result of too high of a dose of inositol or metformin? If so, did lowering your
  6. It's also probably because you stopped saw palmetto. . .
  7. Maybe spiro isn't enough on its own. If you have PCOS, you could consider metformin or inositol.
  8. merrittbarrow, how high of dose do you take? And, did you notice a breakout when you increased your dose?
  9. paigems, steroidal antiandrogens can be risky because they can cause a disruption to your adrenals and ultimately make your acne worse when you come off. For information on this phenomenon, check out the cyprotone acetate Wikipedia page, it explains under the Withdrawal heading:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyproterone_acetate#Withdrawal_effects. noche, your issue could be a lack of estrogen, since estrogen is a big part of what keeps skin clear. Perhaps you could ask your doctor about estrog
  10. Not to be negative but, I have PCOS and I have not ever found relief with herbal remedies. I implore you not to waste too much time with these if they start to make your acne worse. My acne is also severe, pretty much like yours, except I get nodules, which are even worse than cysts. If you have hirsutism or any other PCOS symptoms, your doctor may prescribe you an antiandrogen like spironolactone or flutamide.
  11. Wild yam boosts progesterone, which can help regulate hormones but not specifically lower androgens. Is your acne mild or severe? From my experience, natural or herbal remedies don't work on nodular or cystic hormonal acne. Keys Soap makes an excellent moisturizer: http://www.keys-soap.com/ostore/product.php?productid=217&cat=51&page=1.
  12. Hi shadylee, I haven’t read through your entire topic, but I wanted to see how you were doing? Is spiro finally working for you? I read a post you made on cortisone injections where you said that your acne is concentrated on your left cheek. Is this still true? If so, that doesn’t follow the usual hormonal pattern. Perhaps you have a localized infection and antibiotics would clear it up?
  13. Try Green and Blacks organic dark chocolate instead. I break out from everything, but not this. Keep me posted with your progress.
  14. I haven't tried that, thanks for the suggestion, but I'm trying to get off of things at the moment. But it's something to consider in the future. Also Bren, have you ever tried topical spiro? I found someone's posts on here about grinding up capsules, mixing it with lotion and applying it to the face. They said it got rid of the cystic acne and they only had surface spots every now and then. I wonder if maybe you've been on it for a while now and something is just not communicating to you
  15. I would wait 5-7 days to increase inositol after you've dropped SP, just to be sure SP is out of your system and you're not having any rebound effects (a spike in testosterone as a result of discontinuing SP). That way you can observe the effects of increased inositol better. But if you feel especially eager, follow your gut. Then increase gradually by half a dose. If you took 500mgs of inositol, I would increase it to 750mgs, for example. Edit: I want to add a few things that I have learned
  16. Yes, progesterone cream was one of the “treatments” someone on here recommended to me and I took it religiously for three months to no relief. I don’t think that progesterone cream would necessarily be the answer for you because inositol raises your progesterone already, so why add something else to your regimen when you are already confused if what you are doing is helping or hurting? If you decide to go off of birth control, I always recommend purchasing a pill cutter and weaning off slowly (
  17. You should take more than one month to wean off of the pill. Purchase a pill cutter at your local pharmacy and do the process slowly. Vitex is supposed to help with the effects of coming off of the pill, however, I would also recommend weaning off of that eventually too, rather than quitting it (or anything) cold turkey.
  18. My experience with this forum , which honestly I have just come to learn, is not to take what anyone says on here too seriously. You must always follow your gut! I have stuck with “treatments” that worked for others on here or that were recommended to me, even when my skin was getting progressively worse. Even with me, I recommended you increase your saw palmetto dose initially because I wasn’t aware you were on birth control or had been seeing results with inositol! If you feel like saw palmett
  19. I just saw that you were on Yaz. I also saw your pictures in your Yaz log post; are you sure you have nodular acne, because the breakouts don't look that severe? Also, you're right, your increase in breakouts is very likely from Yaz, since it has the same antiandrogen as spiro (many people get an initial breakout from spiro). If you search the soulcyster PCOS support forum, you'll see many women take much higher doses of inositol, 2000-4000mgs in some cases. I am not necessarily recommending tha
  20. I understand! It was just a suggestion based on other posts and research I've done online. How much inositol do you take? If it's helping your acne, why add SP? Maybe you need to increase your inositol dose? I lowered my inositol dosage by half a few weeks ago because i was sleeping 13 hours a day, but i'm back on full dose for about a week now. I'm scared to do that because I don't want to get a huge amount of breakouts that will set me back by at least a year. They leave marks that l
  21. What brand of DIM do you use? I use Nature's Way and am not getting acne clearing. Though other ED symptoms have improved.