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  1. I recently started a new school. I met a guy there and hes totally fantastic. I find him really attractive and I like him a lot. Oh, and he has acne, but it doesn't even matter one bit Now if only I were not so shy =/
  2. Well, I'm actually not with that guy anymore. But yeah, he was an ass!
  3. I'd rather date a guy with acne, if I were to date someone with perfect skin, I'd be more self conscious and insecure. Here's an awful story- I'd been with my boyfriend for nearly two years when my acne came about. One day my face looked pretty bad (scabs, in particular). He and I were at the mall and we decided to take pictures in a photo booth, anyone with acne who has been in a photo booth understands they have the worst lighting EVER. So I was mortified by my face, I'd only had acne like a
  4. I would try to stand out more, and be more outgoing if I didn't have acne. Now I just want to blend in so no one looks at me too closely. I'd talk to more people and just feel better about myself.
  5. I am a vain individual, I have no problem admitting it. Since I was a little girl everyone has always complimented me, I hold too much value in my appearance. Everyone knew me for my pretty face and hair. I was so used to people telling me I was beautiful. I had a LONG way to fall, and acne pushed me off that high edge. I am still vain, but I feel like my acne causes me that much more pain, my image has always meant too much too me. If I ever get my face back, I'm going to value it so much more
  6. yeah, because i'm only seventeen, so when old people see me I know that they see my youth as the greatest thing ever.
  7. So I am clear, except for a few small scars and some almost healed pimple marks. I've been using pan-oxyl 10% ben. peroxide, taking these capsules of Neem- ( Neem is a tree, in the capsules there's the powder of its leaves. Its been used for healing wounds and cleaning the digestive system and blood since ancient times, look it up- its worth trying) and also using a natural moisturizer-http://www.folica.com/Avalon_Organic__d1453.html?s_cid=fgl_P8801- and drinking A TON of water, as well as havin
  8. Guys with acne should not let it get in the way of dating. Myself and other girls I know do not really care about what your skin looks like, no lie. I know a guy with pretty severe acne, and I swear, half of girls at school would love to date him, and he has a gorgeous girlfriend. Before I had acne I dated a few guys with acne and didn't think anything of it. So, don't let it ruin your confidence
  9. Ugh I can't stand it when people are like that. I actually had a boyfriend once ask me "Why I have so many scabs on my face" That was pretty awful. Needless to say he is a thing of the past.....
  10. I totally know how you feel. I always feel like my happiness is dictated by the state of my skin. Its like the overwhelming frustration clouds your mind and distracts you. My best way of dealing with feeling like that is to change my perspective, I look at it this way- If I start to let important things in my life get out of hand, I feel even worse, then its like, great, now I'm doing poorly in school and my relationships are crumbling, ect. Then I have more to be upset about on top of hating my
  11. So I finally got an account after months of lurking this site. I've had moderate acne for about three years now and its made me so self conscious. I used to have PERFECT skin. I never had any skin problems until I was long past puberty (Hit puberty at age ten, got acne at age fifteen). I still have no idea what the cause could be. I started wearing makeup at age thirteen, foundation, powder, ect. the whole works, not because I had anything to hide, I just liked feeling glamorous, ha ha, I took m