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    Skin Perfection MD

    I have now been using this kit and for some reason it worked at first but now I have big pimples which I have never had. It seems to be making my skin alot worst. Ignore that I said this product works, because after a month its making it worst.
  2. Heiditx28

    Skin Perfection MD

    Well it worked for me, I not saying it will work for everyone in the world who has acne. I'm a women there for I can't be Steven Jepson. I don't really care if you buy the product or not I just wanted people to know It has been working for me and I like the way it makes my skin feel. I was just hoping that it would work for some people. I wrote on other ones just to let people know. I like this product.
  3. Read about it on the Adult Acne Post.
  4. Heiditx28

    Skin Perfection Md

    I thought so to, but now I know it's not.
  5. Heiditx28

    Skin Perfection Md

    This kit worked for me. Read about in on the Adult acne post.
  6. Heiditx28

    Skin Perfection MD

    I just bought this kit last week. I have been using it for a few days and it's clearing my skin, wow I can't believe it. Skin Perfection MD is the best kit I have tried. I have been going to the Derm and she has had me on Antibiotics for almost a year now, at first they kind of worked, than they stop working, so she put me on differen't ones and they just made my acne 10 times worst. Plus that cream she told me if I keep using it it would work, Yeah right. It never did! I used it for a year, nothing. But this kit I bought plus the face mask works. My skin feels like baby soft skin. It has no smells to it and the moisturizer stings just s bit but nothing to cry about like some products. Please I beg you try this kit. I had pretty bad acne the kind under the skin that nothing works type and this works, it's amazing. The Derm who created this is a genious and what he says about acne products, making acne worse due to all the fillers in them and very little of the good ingredients make sence. Dr Steven Jepson MD . He's been on tv and even handed out this same kit to the movie stars at Sundance. And that is what they use but than they get paid to say they use other kits that our on tv. Why can't they just be honest. So here's the website. I have never wrote on here this is the first time because I know this kit works. I have acne for years and nothing I tried all the money I spent on acne kits, products. Worked until now.