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  1. How's your skin? i mainly break out around my chin, but lately i've been breaking out on my cheeks (which could be due to the stress of school) How long have you been off it? let's see...it will be two years January '07 Did you break out once more when you stopped and then clear up eventually? i didn't break out at all for 9 months after i was finished with the course. i'm dead serious, no acne at all. but then it came back beginning of sophmore year and went away on it's own after about 2 mon
  2. singing (i've been told i have a very good ear...not sure if thats true..)
  3. that's actually a really good point. whenever i'm feeling down abouot my face my mom comforts me but then reminds me to think of a few people we know who have cancer or other health problems, etc. it really helps me to think that i don't actually have it that bad..
  4. well luckily i go to an all girl's school so it's a LITTLE bit easier, but not much. you see it's kind of frustrating when EVERYONE around you has clear skin. i just cover up any acne with concealor but try not to worry about it that much.
  5. no you definitely need to use sun block! my derm told me that if you get a burn, the red marks will stick around even longer so be sure to wear sunblock! i hate doing it because then my face is pale compared to the rest of my body but i just apply self tanner to my face then so it looks more natural. DO NOT GET BURNT! and have fun!
  6. hey you guys, give him a break! if he wants to do that to his skin, then let him and don't say another word about it! it's his skin, not yours so LAY OFF to the original poster: i admire your courage! i wish i had the courage to do something like that but there's no way i would be able to stay in the house until it healed and then again i wouldn't want anybody to see my face like that until it healed! but seriously your skin looks AMAZING and i'm really jealous! congratulations on your success
  7. hey there! don't be nervouse about posting here, everyone's really nice and extremely helpful! you've come to the right place! honestly, it sounds like accutane would definitely be worth it for you. i had acne kinda like yours where it wasn't bad, just stubborn and wouldn't respond to anything. the side effects really aren't that bad for most people. they vary with each person but it's mostly just dry skin, chapped lips, maybe a few nosebleeds, aching joints, etc. for me, they were really rea
  8. okay i think i found something that really helps to speed the healing. i don't know if it helps with the actual acne but it has certainly decreased swelling for me. what i did was break open a vitamin e capsule and spread the oil on the affected areas. then i spread aloe vera gel over the vitamin e and it kinda mixed to create a creamy moisturiser type. i don't know, but then i dabbed a little more aloe on top of each read area and after a couple of nights, the redness has died down a little. i'
  9. schedule an appt. with your derm and bring your parents along too so your derm can talk some sense into them. i know it's probably frustrating but don't get mad at them, they only want what's best for you
  10. try any of these: neosporin ointment or cream (i prefer ointment) aloe vera gel raw 100% pure honey
  11. thanks so much for the help, that one asian girl! i'll definitely try some of those things
  12. wow. you have my skin EXACTLY. seriously i have the same problem and i don't know what to do. all i can say is hopefully someone will know what to tell us and if you find a way that works, please let me know and vice versa for me. i feel your pain
  13. yeah i think accutane works much better than minocycline. if you can make it throught the side effects again than i think it would be worth it to take a second time. i wish i could take it a second time but my derm no longer perscribes it (not sure why) so i just haven't had the time to look for a new derm yet who might perscribe it. but good luck with whatever you decide to do and don't hesitate to come to these boards for advice they help a TON and the people are always more than willing to he
  14. it didn't really help me. but then again, i'm not that patient and you have to wait to see the results. if you can make it through any initial breakout then you should start to see results! be careful though because it made my skin REALLY sensitive to the sun. i got the worst sunburn i've ever had while on it so be sure to wear sunscreen when you go out. good luck!
  15. okay so i had these three pimples on the side of my mouth kind of in my jaw area that i popped like last week and they are still healing. so those areas are obviously red and irritated. but then i still keep breaking out and i popped two teeny ones (bad, i know) so those are now red. but now new tiny pimples are forming around the red areas so it looks like i have chicken pox or something, i don't know, but it looks really bad. any ideas on how to heal the scabs while treating irritation at the