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  1. Hi everyone! It's almost a year since i made this topic, and yeah im not dead:) Accutane took away ALL OF MY ACTIVE ACNE! The accutane took about 4-6 months to work for me, but i have never made a better decision in my entire life. I still get some nosebleeds, but it's nothing severe and serious. Just wanted people to know that im good now. And for all of you that are struggelin with this type of acne, hang in there!! I still have red marks from my 7 months on accutane, but i use moisture so the
  2. Im joining ya, i really need to find out if it works well.. i have "tried" before tho, but just when your bored one nice day, BOOM!
  3. So you guys think i should see the doc? It looks like something else, but i can promise its my finger http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snapshot047.jpg http://img16.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snapshot048m.jpg
  4. I was working today, and i kinda had a little accident with a tool.. Aaaand i ripped off some skin layers on my index finger.. Its hurting pretty good Anyone knows if this will take much longer time to heal than normal, since im on accutane? Its about 1x1 cm ripped off.. and it was bleeding pretty bad..
  5. I know exactly what your talking about. How are these small bumps underneath your skin? I have them too, and i have no idea how to get rid off them. They are pretty red, but they very flat, so it doesn't look like active pimples. Its so annoying, cause they are pretty "hard" and some of them "stings" when i touch them
  6. I am currently on accutane (ive taken 202 pills today), so im done with 2/3 of my course. 40 mg/day 1) How long was it before you started seeing results?.. will my skin be somewhat better after 4 months? I started seeing resaults when i started on month 3. 2) Is you skin completly clear now? I am now covered in red marks still, and some pimples and cysts made some small scars, but 95% of all inflammation is gone, and i only develope some small pimples at the moment. 3) What was your experience
  7. :pray:Is there any "unwanted" ingredients in this cream that i should know about? I mean, i have so many red marks i wanna fade, but i DEFINATLY don't want my acne to return. I know i cant know if the cream will work for me, but i just gotta try. Unless it clogges my pores or something like that.. Anybody tell me please
  8. Hi. 1: Im currently on my 3. month on accutane, and my face is still very bad, so dont worry. I know it's shit, but the drug takes time to work, so guess we all need to be patient about it. Its slooowly starting to improve on me now though. 2: Sorry, i don't have any experience with Cetaphil. 3: If you have an electric shaver, use that instead of a normal one. The electric doesnt irretate your skin as much as a blade does. If you still wanna use blade, try to buy the cheapest type on the supe
  9. My diet is pretty good and healthy. Eat alot of meat and fish. but i have to admit that i sneak into the local pizzeria to buy me one from time to another:) after all, i can't stop living. But i try to drink and eat healthy. I never eat candy/chocolate, i try to stay away from dairy to check if it works(no idea yet, cause im still covered in red marks and still a bit too much acne), i normally just drink water, but sometimes juice. I don't drink too much alcohol, and i try to eat enough fruits.
  10. no i dont eat alot citrus. And im tryin as good as i can to stay away from as much dairy as possible.
  11. Im on day 89 now, but my face is still all red.. There are so many red marks, and they wont dissapear. Its even more spread over my face now, than at the beginning. The positive side is that the acne is pretty much gone (i think). Most of the inflammation is gone, but what can i do with the red marks? Can emu oil make my acne come back?
  12. Looks like your skin is irretated. Have you tried a new shaver/gel? It may work. Make sure to use hot water, then shave, then cold water to close the pores
  13. Thx for all help. Think ill make a new topic about this on the accutane site, but what you guys think about this picture? Im on day 88. now, and this acne takes forever to dissapear... I dont really have many active right now.. 5-6 "active" at my jawline or something. Most of my skin is flat now, and its not itchy anymore (thanks to MANY cortisone tablets) But i really dont know what is goin to happen. I mean.. if you look at the pictures, you can see how fast i went from september to novembe
  14. It's actually funny you said that, cause my derm sent me to a hospital some weeks ago, to get other opinions from another derm. This is the funny part: When i was at the hospital, talkin to the other derm, she asked me if she could have some other doctors and derms to take a look at me. i had to wait there for 10 mins or something, and suddenly the door opened, and i was lookin into the eyes of 16 derms. Everyone looked at me, and guess what.. all they gave me was a new round of cortisone threat