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  1. I went to a "professional" who used dermaroller - the needles were bent after the procedure. Maybe bad quality, maybe wrong treatment by the "professional". According to the producer of the dermaroller the rollers with longer needles only should be sold to "professionals", but they are even sold on ebay! This tells you everything. I ordered a roller at clearskincare, a roller for home-use. Cheaper and in my opinion better quality - the needles did not bent. You dont have to go to a "profess
  2. again: The German doctor treated my face with Dermaroller (needle length 1.5mm, very painful) 3 times every 12 weeks for about 15 min. 8 months ago I started self needling rolling with the roller needle length 0.5mm the website above. I am not using dermaroller anymore and will never again due to bad experience with dermaroller (and the "professional")
  3. Check out http://clearskincare.com.au/ The doctor from this website (she is a woman) is performing needling for a couple of years and has lots of experience. I am very happy with the price of the roller - and the best thing I can roll on my own. I do this every second day. Obviously this is more efficient than rolling every 12 weeks and pay 300 Euros for that. Again: I only noticed improvement when rolling on my own regularly. When I went to see the "professional" in Germany I was probably t
  4. Obviously during the procedure there was too much pressure. I cant tell you anything about the quality of this roller device - whether it is good or not. Therefore we would need some INDEPENDANT statements from independent surgeons. What I can tell you: In my opinion it is useless spending 300 Euros every 12 weeks when you can do rolling at your own... with the home use I have improvement, without I had rarely...
  5. I had done some needling sessions (I paid 300 Euros per session...) with dermaroller - 1.5mm needles. 3 Sessions inbetween 12 weeks. No improvement. After the last session I demanded to take the dermaroller home with me. There I checked the dermaroller: THE NEEDLES OF THE DERMAROLLER MF-8 WERE BENT! Two rows completely bent... this must have happened during the procedure, because directly after the procedure the "professional" put the roller inside its box. And with this roller "the profession
  6. Hi Stonewall, first of all thanks for writing so much about needling. Do you know which roller the doctor used for your needling session? I know a lot abou these issues, plan to write a huge posting... Kind regards, blade
  7. It is impossible that scars improve after a few weeks. Laser surgery is burnig skin, so the skin reacts with swelling. This swelling looks nice for a few eeks, but will disappears sooner or later. Then you will have the same scars which might even look worse. I had all different lasers, they did not improve it. Netherless, today I dont worry about scars anymore because I have everything I want in my life.
  8. again: which company did Maya get trouble?
  9. The weeks after needling you notice changes due to swelling and the healing process. Swelling does not mean filling. Many people doing needling (or laser) are very excited after the first days and weeks and think their scars improved. Several weeks (or months) later when swelling is reduced completey they notice that scars did not change and are frustrated. The topic THE TRUTH ABOUT NEEDLING is very good... I have something very important to tell in a few days!!! It will be very important for t
  10. Yes, I took the roller home with me. When I removed it from its box I checked the needles. Two rows of them were completely bent!!!!!! As a result of this surgery done by a doctor recommended by Horst Liebl, i have at least one new scar - with EXACT the same length as the width of Dermaroller MF-8. Paying several hundred $ for this procedure and device is IMO not worth. Check out other needling options!!! I will not use dermaroller anymore. I had my own bad experiences and heard about other s
  11. If your scars are still read, you MUST NOT needel them or do another surgery like laser. Red scars means that the skin is healing, the skin is working. If you damage it, you make it 100% WORSE! Dont ignore this matter of fact, I know it isnt easy to be patient, but you have no choice. Needling may only be done on old scars (2 years or longer). If your derm says sth else, leave him, because he gives a &/() about you and only want to make some money with surgery on you.
  12. major improvement on my needling sessions after 8 months. one scar improved significantly after 10 months. be patient and do needling!