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  1. I just received my kit of Dan's products last week, but this week I ordered the jojoba oil as well. I can't tell you what a difference jojoba oil makes in the regimen. I use it to remove makeup and also as a moisturizer over bp/or just mixed with Dan's moisturizer. I also do a technique mentioned on the forums where you wash your face, mostly dry it, then rub a little jojoba over your face, wait 2 minutes and towel the excess off, then put on your bp. I can't tell you what a difference jojob
  2. I've just got to say this. I love Dan's honesty and forthrightness in everything he does on this website. It just makes me want to support him and only buy his products. Where else can you find someone who is just not in it for the money, but wants to truly help us? It is truly a blessing from God. Listen, I've found some pretty good, and some terrific SA products, but I agree with Dan that nothing, I repeat, NOTHING can compete with BP. I've tried them all. What happened was that I got
  3. Benzoyl peroxide was the only product that totally cleared my skin, but I've developed an allergy to it and can't use it anymore. I've honestly tried everything. I don't like depending on prescription products and was never that thrilled with them anyway. I've settled on a regimen of salicylic acid products, but not any old products. I buy the ones that also contain ingredients that kill acne bacteria so that I get the benefits of salicylic acid exfoliation and killing of acne bacteria in on
  4. Amen Gyro. I couldn't have said it any better. (I hate when I allow myself to get tangled up in this kind of stuff). All of Dan's products are excellent. Why should this be any different? Salicylic Acid may not be for everyone, but then again neither is BP. Like I said, I have no idea of the ph of the Avon Clearskin that I'm using, but it works. Bottom line. We just have to trust the formulator!
  5. You misunderstood my intention. Whether I like Paula Begouin or not is a moot issue. I gave my feedback. And you need to reread my posts. I never underestimated the importance of ph in SA. However, I did quote what DERMATOLOGISTS have to say about it in my previous post. And I do trust their advice over Paula's. I said it once and I'll say it again. I trust that Dan made a wonderful product; I ordered it, and I'm looking forward to receiving it. The best feedback is to use it and the
  6. I am sorry but Paul Begoun is no dermatologist and I wish she'd finally stop acting like she is. And I don't agree with everything she has to say. The book Breaking Out has interviews/questions for dermatologists. The consensus is that SA works best at 2% in an acid base of under 4. But the book goes on to state that the lower concentration (less than 2%), higher PH products (more than ph 4), tend to be gentler on the skin and will still work to counter inflammation...(p. 210 of the book).
  7. Well, all I know is that when your cheeks swell up like a chipmunk - that's a true allergy - and after using BP for over 20 years! I still can't get over it. My skin never really acclimated to BP (dryness and discomfort and irritation-yes all those years. Kept using it because it totally cleared me.). I guess it finally truly rebelled, and let me know it's had enough. No more BP for me. I'm using Avon's new Professional Clearskin Acne kit and have Dan's salicylic acid on order.
  8. How funny that I found this. I just posted about this under The Regimen thread where folks are talking about Dan's new salicylic acid product. Yes, the Avon product is the best I've used since becoming allergic to BP. Yeah, it is awesome. Nothing will beat BP, but for those of us who can't use it, this comes close. Some say it's better!
  9. Well, this thread really got me thinking. Right now I'm using Avon's new Clearskin Professional acne kit which I adore. The book Breaking Out also states that for optimal exfoliation the product must have 2% SA, yet my kit only has .5% SA in their products. HOWEVER, the products also contain cinnamon extract (which fights the acne bacteria), glycolic acid and something called Hexapeptide 11 which calms oily skin, among other ingredients. So now I don't know what to think. For those of you
  10. crazy, I'm no expert, but it seems to me a ph of 4.22 is close enough to 4, which is considered the optimal limit. I believe that is the ph needed for exfoliation purposes only. In a book called "Breaking Out", possibly the best book I've ever read on acne, the author states that even SA products with a ph over 4 may have other beneficial ingredients which may help acne and be soothing, although anything over 4 won't give optimal exfoliation. Now I'm wondering if they exfoliate at all(?). I'
  11. I totally disagree with Whitefox. After 20 years of using BP I developed an allergy to it, with swelling cheeks, etc. I just can't use it. I also don't want to depend on prescription products (read my full post on Dan's blog). I have found plain salicylic acid products to be worthless. The ones that really work are the ones that have antimicrobrials and other additions. Some terrific products are the new Avon Clearskin Professional, Neutrogena Microtechnology line, and also Aveda, to nam