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  1. Good day:) I have registered on the forum loong time ago, was just browsing and reading it before and during my accutane course.. My story: I'm 20 years old now, white/latino male 72 kilos, and 173 sm. I have had acne since the age of 12. It became worse abotut 2 years ago, i was contantly having spots - cystic acne on my nose, forehead, chin..The worst part was my nose. Lots of blackheads and big pores. I tried everything... hundreds of over the counter creams etc, proactive, zirh, lots lost m
  2. I have chosen that path and I will see where it leads. So far so good. The reserarch - 84 people tested can be barely considered as @the [email protected] Anyways, it did not prove almost anything. About it being anti-cancer drug - i find it a good thing too, not just a bad thing. Everybody who is smart enough to type @[email protected] and click on search can then visit wikipedia link and read most of the stuff you have been warning people. Everyone will make a choice, Ihave made mine. You can really blame
  3. That IS the MOST paranoid answer I have ever seen, I expected it but. Yeah we all gonna die. Nevermind...maybe I am wrong posting stuff at this forum. Thats just b**shit, sorry. Its so paranoid and connected to Goverment( of course the Goverment wants us all die and perish, duh!) Look , facts ARE : THERE ARE NO LINKS CONNECTING ANY PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS TO THE ACCUTANE WHATSOEVER. NO. NONE. ZERO. None but speculation, and not proven theories. The simptoms you just listed that "will surely hap
  4. I am new here, and decided to start off with this topic... this is the story about side effects of panadol, and how it ruined somebodys life. YOu wont believe just how many side effects paracetomol has, among with other drugs... Im 20 years old, have acne since I remember myself. Tried everything. Literally.Accutane was my last refuge...Taking it last 2 months, acne is much better, but still not completely clear. I hope all will be well soon. Have some side effects, cracked lips, they