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  1. i agree with the lemon juice giving acne in weird places like my nose line and around my mouth and chin. That was one of the big reason i stop using the lime juice on my face. Other than that, im sorry i have no recommendations on a natural regimen but if you find one that work, u should hook it up.
  2. Does anyone else get pimples on their head from time to time and if so is there a good shampoo with conditioner or shampoo and conditioner that they recommend?
  3. i was ripp when i wrote that, i thought i had a theory but now reading it sober my theory fails lol
  4. ddbui

    Clear Day

    yay, you finally smile. good for you girl i hope your face continue to look clear
  5. yea son, i hear that. you just gotta be strong, acne builds character!
  6. hey i know you feel. im Dat btw. im 20 right now but when i was 17-18 i was feeling that way too. Acne wasnt the cause for the feeling but it definitely affect it. Acne kinda change me as a person especially when i was 17-18. i can tell you this though, life becomes much more enjoyable and happier after those few years. i finally start noticing the change in me from bad to good about a few months ago. you began to feel happier and enjoy the little things that make life so beautiful. so i say, ha
  7. that blows. i was gonna get accutane but then my health insurance expire on me when i turn 18. im curious to hear how it works, hopefully its the magic pill.
  8. wow, that is interesting. its worth a try. i read all the benefits on one of the link and apple cider vinegar seems to have a lot of positive affects on the body. i will start on this tomo, i will keep an update and let you guys know. I started the regimen about 3 weeks ago and so far its been working really well but i like all of the different pro of apple cider vinegar. btw can i ask how you come upon trying apple cider vinegar?
  9. i went to the doctor and they told me that smoking does cause more acne. cigarettes is like pretty much poison over a long period of time. it contains over 400 chemicals that your inhaling to your body health system. Im not dissing on smokers because i used to smoke for over 2 years but now i smoke casually like when im drinking. If your gonna smoke anything, smoke the green. you smoke less and to me it affect my body lighter too. Cigarettes is addicting but is possible to quit, it depends on ho
  10. i did some reading on the forums and notice that a lot of veterans are saying great things about omega 3 fish oil so i am going to try it. this is my second week on regimen and i am going to add this to my diet. the regimen is working really well and i am hoping the fish oil will make my skin even better. wish me luck. i will keep this updated. any comments from previous fish oil users please let me know. thank you. have a good day to all. ---our face can be fill with acne but as long as our h
  11. read the article on how to pop a pimple correctly on this website. it work so well because the needle doesnt cause scarring and the alcohol make sure it wont spread to nearby parts of your face. if your gonnna pop a pimple do it this way so you wont cause more pimples because sqeezing a pimple causes a lot of irritation. i notice that each time a put pressure and squeeze a pimple the incorrect way my face would break out even more on the nearby places or the same place as before
  12. ddbui

    Dan, you are the MAN. thanks buddy. my second week on regimen, and its going really really well. i posted a message on the board so check it out if you want but i just want to say it really really work.

  13. hello all, this is my second week on the regimen and i am so thankful that i stumble upon this website. i would like to start off by thanking Dan, around this time of year in colorado the weather become so cold and i would break out due to irritation and dryness of the skin. This year however, as soon as i started to break out i found out about the regimen through late night internet browsing. the first week was really tough because off the irritation of the benzoyl peroxide and emerging pim