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  1. Can we get a quote on how much the procedure cost? Thanks.

    1. I have rolling/box hypopigmentation scars on my temples. The texture is somewhat similar to how you are explaining yours. I've just derma rolled for the third time. I've noticed that the wrinkles created by the scars are gone. Also, the scars are more shallow now. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, I'm noticing color coming back to my hypo scars. It' only been my third time rolling too. If you haven't given dermarolling/dermastamp a shot yet, you should try it. Here's a link (along with co
    2. Wow! You have my respect. Thanks for the inspiration. 2010 seems promising.
    3. Wow. You just inspired me. Thanks. What a great Christmas present.
    4. Dude, we have the same type of scars. When you do find a solution, help a brother out and tell me about it.
    5. Hey dude, for more advice on how i carry out the needling and dermaroller, please read the thread entitled "ok guys...."

      You will find all you need in there!!

      Best wishes

      1. I've been using the turmeric mask (water/powder) for about a week now. I've also been drinking 3/4 of a shot of ACV a day. My skin feels so refresh whenever I apply the mask. Cyst that I've had on my jaw line for years have decreased. My scars feel more shallow now. I know the ACV is working because I don't apply the turmeric on my chest and the acne on my chest has disappeared. Despite all of my gains, I'm going to stop using turmeric. My face looks like summer but it's winter at the mom
      2. Yosh! Thanks for the info about derma rolling on the temples. I have some white scars caused by accutane and from what I've read "rolling" can bring back the pigments. Here's the problem. I have no idea how to do this procedure properly. It seems as if you're the guy to turn to when it comes to rolling. Can you give me instructions about derma rolling or give me

        1. Can you needle the scars on the temples?
        2. Has anyone ever heard of Dr. William Ting from San Ramon? If so, any reviews about him?
        3. Hello My name is Margaret Jones I am new to this site but I Think I may have a product you might like to try I sell Avon and we have a system that is better than proactive and is a 3 step program to get the clear healthy skin you are looking for I have ordered one for myself and so far it is working great check out my online store and give it a whirl www.youravon.com/mjones0432 when you are on my

          1. Thank you SAM. Could you please inform me about needling. I am new to this website and recently read about a cutting technique. A few days ago, I took a scissors and snipped a teenie tiny bit of the white scar around my temple area. After reading about this topic, I went to go check up on the part I snipped and realized it is turning pinkish-reddish, which is a lot better than white. I have no equipment for needling, so I used a sewing needle to dab at the white scars and now they are turni