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  1. Duac Topical Gel by Stiefel, and Clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel 1%/5% Are these products the same? reason I ask the ingidents are the same 1%5% Dermatologist gave me taz, acczone and duac over a year ago, and 2 mths ago gave me the mylan to use as spot treatment.
  2. My doc has me on them both. Aczone in the am, taz 1st at night then duac last before bed.
  3. Been on aczone, taz and duac for a while now. I only use the aczone when i shave with a disposable razor. it seemed to create lil spots under my skin. So i only use at night taz, then duac. Ill take a night off here an there sometime depends. The most ive been without it is 3 days. Skin is clear but im at a breakout now.... i last used it on thurs night and its monday now. Guess I should have stayed with it daily. I keep getting forehead breakouts, i wonder if its somthing else. Seems
  4. Dr. gave me a body wash to use once a day. Says to wash area for 5 min. Whats the best way to apply it hand, washcloth or what? thanks
  5. Back has been broke out so bad for months that when I went to the beach i never removed my shirt. Had my scheduled appt with my derm today. Looked at my back for 2 secs said I had folliticutus. Put my dorxy. Will it keep coming back or what?
  6. Seems if you rub a hand across my face, an forehead area, i dont feel any acne. But if I get close in the mirror my face looks a mess with bumps under the skin redness ect. I have been on aczone, taz and duac for almost a year does that mean it isnt working? Also been on doxyl but switched to orescea since its not an antobotic. What gives? Should I just clean my diet up? My diet is basically fast food #1's from mcds and Hardeer. sausage an egg biscuits in the am? What gives is the fac
  7. Been on the above for about a year. I thought eventually i would quit getting break outs. seems they just keep coming and coming. Anyone experience this? I used the Aczone but quit seems i had like a reaction to it on my forehead. I now just use Taz and duac. I dont know why I still have breakouts. I use it once a day. taz then duac at night. If i quit for 3 days will that hurt progress?
  8. Have been on Aczone (am) Taz and Duac PM for almost a year. I have not used aczone in about a month. I put it on today cause i was told it will kill infections on the skin. I use it go tonight to wash my face off about 9pm, and looks like my forehead is a mine field. Lil bumps ect in it almost looks like a reaction. I put the taz/duac combo and an now ready for bed. I still get bumps here and there after a year.
  9. Been on it 4 mths but have a question.....if I use this for this long, why do I still get a pimple on places that I know I put the taz on? I felt like it would stop by now. I do not get many...... I had 3 at my last dr visit, and one was due to an ingrown hair on my neck. I have one on my nose now, and Im thinking how? can anyone explain it? Thanks
  10. I have been on dorx, and septra for over a year. I switched to a new derm and he took me off the septra withing the 1st 2 months of seeing him. He put me on oresca or somthing like that.
  11. Suppose to use aczone everyday, tax daily after 1st 4 weeks, and duac everyday. I have been doing that mostly. Some days I dont get aczone on till 12, or even 3pm, and then follow rest of routine. Taz daily usually ill see how skin face feels after 3 straight days, and may skip a day. Last night an afternoon I didnt use anything just to give me a break. Hopefully im close to getting past IB stage. I have had some breakout, but not "bad bad" I guess. I still get some bumps/pimples, but hop
  12. Dr put me on it every other day for 4 weeks then everday after 1st 4 weeks. What I do is go like 3-4 days straight, and if skin feels dry ect I may miss a day, and then start back. I used the Duac nightly no matter what. I did take this past Friday and didnt use anything all day.
  13. I have been using the cetaphil sample dr gave me. I ran out and got the bottle from CVS. Seems to be working well. I go back to dr 11/23.
  14. I have the same issue. I want to call derm to see if they can prescribe just the wash for me. Derm game me a sample of cetaphyl gentle wash to use if i ran out. I would much rather use the duac wash solution however.
  15. Im on week 5 and starting to use Taz daily now at night. I have some on my forehead right now. I thought I would be past the break out point but I guess not.