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  1. maya, thank you so much for your input. i'm in the states so i'll look into these products. i'll probably do the lactic thing at night. is glycolic peel more effective? will it cause any skin irritation? i'm a guy, so wearing make-up is not really an option. tomorrow i'll buy some scotch tape and see how it works. the specialist gave me some special soap that would suit my skin better. i think it's helped. she also gave me sunblock which i apply religiously everyday now. kind of gives my
  2. maya, i haven't tried the lactic/glycolic peels. is this something i can do at home or do i have to have it performed by a specialist. i remember her saying that part of the regiment she was going to put me on (with the creams and lotions and solutions and all that) included glycolic acid but i was under the impression that it was a lotion and not a peel. but i could have just missed that info. the microdermabrasion made you break out?! she never mentioned the possibility of this. she just s
  3. thanks, maya. wow, half indian half chinese, huh? great mix. i'm indian as well. so, do you only get red marks? i have only some brown marks from old acne. red marks suggest that maybe the scars are relatively new? or not? have you ever tried it on brown marks if you've had any? i came really close to having microdermabrasion done and then the specialist said it would maybe get rid of the discoloration but she didn't sound that convincing. then she asked me whether i wanted to go on some p
  4. i've been reading about this scotch tape method, mostly what you've written. i have some superficial scarring on my forehead from previous acne. no pitted scars or bumps, just some discoloration (dark spots - i have brown skin) would this method work for someone in my situation? how long should i wait for results? if this works, it would be a miracle. i wonder why dermatologists and skin specialists never mention this method. maybe it would take some business away from them? also, my firs
  5. hi, i have some 'superficial' scarring on my forehead from acne. i have medium brown skin and acne has left some darker brown spots. i went in to see a specialist and she recommended that i undergo microdermabrasion to remove the upper skin layer in these areas (6-8 treatments). has anyone had this procedure done? how effective is it? will the scars come back? is there anything i should be concerned about? i used hydroquinone for a while and it worked a little, but it just takes too long.