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  1. sedi, i had to stop one month early too due to overly high triglyceride levels as well as insurance/payment problems, that was last July 2009. I was doing well until recently, zits (cystic types) have been coming back, i notice around the time of my period. I am not too pleased. I hope some of it has to do also with my poor diet as of late due to stress. ( I am so broke and in debt from this accutane. Send me good vibes, please, that my acne does not come back. This was my second regimen, btw
  2. I agree with mert1 on this. I had to take a "break" at month 6 on my second round of accutane because my triglyceride levels were getting too high, even while diligently on a certain diet. Going through the chapped lips and extremely dry skin is a pain in the rear while on it, but i would say post-regimen, one of the positives is not stressing so much about huge pimples, although now six months later i am starting to see acne appear again, but mostly around my period time.
  3. i finished my second regimen of accutane at the end of july 2009. The first time i took it was in 2004. My dermatologist said it is "normal" to have to take it again, that the usual time period post-accutane for acne to come back is appx. 18 months to 2 years. He said he has had patients go through four regimens! I do not want to go through 4 regimens of accutane. I am starting to see acne appear again, which is a real bummer, because the government has made this medication hell on earth to ob
  4. thanx oli girl and siava. just called and left msg on their voice mail.
  5. thanx for the heads up. it's not too late to stop it and to talk to him.
  6. 40 mg lots of water, tonight jojoba oil on the face. i am having problems with picking the drying skin off my face, argh! It is particularly dry where the nose meets the cheek, right in that groove, you know what i'm talking about? i've been on accutane for about 3 weeks now--my god, talk about going through hell just to get the initial 'script! I've been trying to get on it since last dec. but with all these rules and regulations and getting the timing perfect, and rules being changed all t
  7. i started my accutane regimen this month as well! We should compare notes ) I am not getting oiliness--i am getting the major dryness now, and the nodules and cysts are going down (thank god). i have a general red tint in the face but the red spots from the previous pimples are definitely fading. i would rather have a general redness in the face than dark red zit spots. I wear 50 spf everywhere. My derm is doing the major blast for me--i'm doing retin-a, minocycline, AND accutane. I know, s
  8. During my first treatment of accutane, my red marks went away. I just started my second treatment a week ago (yay!) and can hardly wait to be nodal/cystic free!
  9. AHA, not accutane. I am using both. In the first month, i don't know what happened, but i got really really really painful, dry skin, so i had to lay off the AHA. But once my skin recovered, i'll do the occasional AHA And be sure to use a good sunscreen for your face when you go out--even in cloudy weather.
  10. i did accutane in 2003/2004, cleared my skin up completely minus the occasional random zit before getting my period. But then at the end of 2005/beginning of 2006 my face flared up and it's been mildly to moderately bad, depending on the regimen i've been on. This past year, my skin has been relentless. and so i am going to start my second accutane regimen this upcoming month. I am so sick of my skin. I am 35 years old.
  11. in that case, it must have been the rum & coke! But all the same, i'm laying off alcohol for a while. My liver still needs a break!
  12. i find that now alcohol definitely affects my skin. I was just getting my skin under control and then this weekend i drank two nights in a row and i woke up with two huge cystic zits on my cheeks! ( Then again, i have definitely put my liver through hell in the past. I am going to lay off the booze for ... a while, for sure.
  13. what worked for me: jojoba oil. I used 100%. I didn't see anything immediately, but the next day, my dryness was at least 85, 90% alleviated!
  14. i went on accutane in 2004. My acne completely cleared up. At the end of 2005/beginning of 2006, the acne came back. I haven't had insurance since 2006 and finally got some the beginning of december and of course, the first thing i did was go to a derm. He told me that accutane is not known to cure everyone, that he has had patients who have had to take accutane three, four times. He said in the beginning when the drug came out, the ones who were were "completely cured" were younger and most l
  15. Lexi that sounds amazing. Thanx for your input! I think the mechanic vs. doctor argument is a tad tit for tat. As i said previously, I have had friends who have done the liver cleanse as recommended by holistic doctors, and they said they felt better. I wanted to ask if anyone on this forum has tried it before and noticed any changes with their skin. This is a forum to ask and be informed and to learn and to support and empathise--or am i wrong? For the record, I even bought Zeno under the coe