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  1. Day Eighty-Seven I have not had a blemish/pimple/cyst in over a week. I think my acne is finally gone, which is wonderful. Hopefully the Accutane will work on my scars/marks now. No major complaints besides the dryness. The only areas that are dry are my: arms, face, lips, nose, and hands.
  2. Day Thirty One I just had my doctor appointment today and they upped my dosage. I am now taking 80mg a day. Doubling the dosage also doubled the price: $410. I've been feeling pretty good though. My face, lips, arms, hands, and back are peeling like crazy. I've also developed several dry patches on my arms and back. I'm seeing results, but they're very small. How long does it usually take for your face to start clearing up substantially on Accutane?
  3. Day Seventeen I think I'm starting to get my IB. I've been having six or seven cysts/pustules pop up on my face the last few days. They come and go fairly quickly, but they still hurt. I can also feel quite a few that have not raised yet. My face, lips, and scalp are very dry and itchy. My nose is just starting to dry out now. I haven't had any bloody noses and I hope it stays that way. Other than that, everything has been going swimmingly. :]
  4. I'll keep your friend in my prayers. I hope she gets better! I have a quick question. Do you wear makeup? I wear alot of makeup to cover up my acne. I wonder if it affects my face at all.
  5. Day Fourteen Nothing too bad so far. My face is very dry. It flakes and peels about two to three hours after I apply my makeup. It also becomes very tight. My tips are pretty dry as well; the corners of my mouth are the driest parts. I had a pretty bad encounter with the sun the other day. I had a lacrosse game on Saturday and I was out in the sun for over two hours. I applied 15SPF Cetaphil and 20SPF liquid makeup. They didn't work well. I left the game after I played and when I went home
  6. Day Eight So same old, same old. My face is so dry now. My makeup ends up peeling off of my face about two hours after I apply it. If anyone has any tips to keep makeup on that would be great. The only other problem I'm having is that my sturnum and ribs hurt when I stand up straight and the slouch over or vise versa. It feels like I'm switching out of a position I had been sleeping in. I'm so bored at the moment. I should be warming up for a lacrosse game right now, but its sunny outside a
  7. Awesome! Thank you. I have a bottle of Aloe with Vitamin E in my room; that might possibly work.
  8. Do you live in Florida? I'm just wondering because I do. Congrats on getting into Miami University. I had to think for a second because I thought you meant UM and that's DEFINITELY not an Ivy League, its a party league. And for that paper, that's completely ridiculous. There is not plus side to secondhand smoke, that was not a fair topic. :/
  9. Day Six My skin is mainly peeling around my nose, mouth, and chin. I have a few pimples that have popped up around my chin/cheek area. My face is really itchy though. I have no other symptoms besides the dryness, which is really good. I'm pleased about that. My lips are a chapped, but I apply my chapstick like every 30 minutes. +Does anyone know of the consequences of being out in the sun for a long period of time on Accutane? I have lacrosse practice from 6PM-8PM twice a week. I also have
  10. Day 5 The skin around my nose is starting to peel around my nose and upper lip and it hurts. :[ I put Aquaphor on the dry spots so hopefully it was clear up a little. I just got a lovely pimple on my forehead and another one on my right cheek. I have a cluster of healing ones on my lower right cheek and a couple healing ones on my chin. I'm actually really nervous about getting the IB. I'm hoping that I'll be one of those lucky people that don't get it, but I doubt that. I'm happy that my
  11. Day 4 3/20 was actually day 4, but I was busy today and didn't have time to post until now. :/ My face is definitely peeling today. The makeup around my acne is all flaky and gross. My face is still itchy as well. I'm thinking about putting some Aquaphor on my face tonight. I did it once in a while when I was on Tazorac and it really did good for my peeling skin. I know some people say that Aquaphor or Vasaline clogs the pores, but it really doesn't seem to clog mine. I really don't think it w
  12. We can be Accutane buddies! You started one day after me. :] I know what you mean about being happy. I was grinning like an idiot and telling my friends that I was finally on Accutane. My rents don't want me on it. My mom thinks I'll get depression from it, but I told her I was too happy to possibly get depressed.
  13. Day 3 My face is noticeably drier today. The area around my acne is starting to become flaky. My face is also really itches [mainly because its dry]. I also had a headache seven hours after I took my pill. That may or may not have had to do with the Accutane. Still feeling fatigued, although, that's nothing new. Eh. As for my hair, I'm not to thrilled. It looks fine down, but when its up you can definitely see the baseline and the highlighted hair stands out. It happened last time I got hig
  14. I already have generally dry skin, but I use a moisturizer every night. I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. I rarely drink anyways. I was just wondering if a couple times every few months is okay. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll update tonight.
  15. Day 2 So far so good. Just a little fatigue, but I'm usually always tired. I'm going to try to start a routine of taking my birth control right when I wake up and then the Accutane first thing after I eat. My BC usually made me nauseous, but if I take it in the morning it doesn't. I'm getting my hair dyed back to blond tomorrow. I'm super excited. I missed my blond. I'm currently a strawberry blond because I attempted to get back to blond on my own. Oh well. Questions + Can you drink whi