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  1. i used to have bad acne then accutane cleared me up.. i was confident again.. then i broke out again but not nearly as bad, the regimen is clearin it up just fine.. so yeah im sure youll get ur confidence back
  2. i accidentally got some on the spot on my lip and i licked it.. yeah its pretty nasty.. also left a sore feeling in my throat for a lil.. all good now
  3. i have a phobia for needles so that was the worst part of taking accutane for me .. the bloodwork.. at least they didnt have to poke me more than once, but the first two times i got my bloodwork i almost passed out.. in month 3,4,5 i just got up n walked away.. guess it was all mental
  4. damn ia sked that question like a week ago n never got an answer.. i asked if alcohol had any correlation to acne.. cuz it seemed like when i partied n got wasted i would break out for the next 1-3 days.. but if i just partied n didnt get wasted i twouldnt happened.. wanted to know if it was a weird coincidence or not.. but i guess not?
  5. im glad i didnt understand half of that, or half of the words
  6. oh yeah, your doing that because u wanna find out if the regimen really isnt working or if its ur daily routine that makes it so that the regimen is unaffective. and then maybe u can change somethin in ur daily routine
  7. u should try.. i truly doubt u can.. but IF u can take a 3-4 day break n just sit at home n dont go out.. ( i did that over summer break for a weekor so) i noticed that my acne cleared up nice.. but then when i went abck to partyin / gettin wasted, i started gettin acne again.. so it has to do with my partyin + sweatin a lil + stayin out late + drinkin, heh one of those.. but its nice to know if i didnt have a life n stayed home 24/7 id prolly have clear skin
  8. ive found it hasnt worked for a lot of people, including me.. so yeah i got my money back for proactiv
  9. dan says the problem was i wasnt using ENOUGH BP .. so yeah he does say to use a lot..
  10. yeah im also wondering the same thing.. i start college soon and im not a morning person at all.. so im not sure if i would spend all that time in the morning massaging the bp ony my face n leavin it on all day, cuz i get easily agitated in the mornin heh. I might just try the same thing as u
  11. the thing about dans regimen is using a lot of BP .. proactiv is just a thin layer... i used it as well.. im ordering dans BP gel though and i hear its a lot easier lol
  12. i had no side effects at all on accutane besides the chapped lips n dry face.
  13. oh and one more off topic thing.. does anyone know a correlation between alcohol (as in beer) and acne? i wonder if its just coincidence but everytime i get wasted i always seem to break out the next 1-3 days.. i had to stop drinkin cuz of that
  14. ive got the 2.0 salicylic c&c wash in my bathroom from a while ago.. would it be ok to wash my face with that first instead of the basis soap
  15. i used to have bad bacne n some chest acne.. but i took accutane 1 1/2-2 years ago n i get like 1 or 2 every now n then.. n ot very noticeable.. but i did break out on my face again , at least my back n chest acne are gone, im workin on my face now