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  1. i guess you're right, i would not see my friends any different if they had acne... but i can see it in their eyes lol =/ but thank you<3 i will tryy my hardestt to change my perspective
  2. that's how i feel, but it's just hard. but thank you (: it did help
  3. lol...i'll keep that in mind. i just hate how acne makes me feel, and changes my personality.
  4. if you're on YAZ you will have perfect beautiful skin for sure, so just be positive. i wishh i was on YAZ! my best friend took this when she had acne, and now she has a perfect skin
  5. thank you <3 lol thank you you made me laugh. well yea i guess you are right....=/
  6. so... i literally have withdrawn from my friends in a way that i don't talk to them that much anymore. i constantly lie whenever i'm invited to places, and the worst about all is that my acne is not even that bad, but all of my friends are laguna beach perfect and i just feel "out of place". i really don't wanna live like this, this is not me, i know i'm just wasting time, but i do not see another way out. acne changes my personality in a way i cant describe it. it makes me insecure, depressed,
  7. this message board is the reason why i think i wont get a boyfriend anytime soon (:
  8. Then just use it during the day whenever your home.... only in your red marks though. BP is for acne....... I just apply the lemon juice with my finger on the red marks, and when it dries i apply concha de nacar.
  9. Doesn't Concha de Nacar already have lemon? Do you put it on every day? Right now i put the Concha de Nacar once a week...
  10. I have very light skin, and whenever i get a pimple, whether i pop it or not, i ALWAYS get a red mark after. Red marks usually do not bother me, the thing is that they dont go away for months, and the end up accumulating. Since i hate wearing make up i decided to try everything I could find. For over a year nothng worked for me, but about a two weeks ago i decided to try lemon+concha de nacar ( a bleach cream they sell almost everywhere ) .... so i gave it a try. I put one on tope of the other
  11. I tried one once from Olay... it actually did work, and if I would have kept on using it like the label said i could have gotten better results... Now I use it when I need a deep exfoliation (:
  12. I would go to the beach and pool without makeup. go out on trips out of town with my friends get a boyfriend be more outgoing and self-confident