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  1. Hey all, so I am on my 2nd month of tane now, taking 40mg twice daily. I have been using a cetaphil cleanser gel, and cetaphil lotion to moisturize (derm told me to). My skin hasnt been too dry since I have been using it, however it feels very oily on my face, and seems like it may be clogging pores. If anyone has any suggestions, or regimens that work well for them, it would be much appreciated if you'd share them with me. Also - about how long to initial breakouts usually last, I'm almost do
  2. Hey all, had a couple of questions I thought you might be able to help me out with. I know accutane makes people photosensitive, but with a high spf sunscreen, and for a VERY limited time, ( 30 mins or so ) would it be safe to go outside without a shirt. ( i would wear a hat so my face would be less exposed. Also, assuming it clears me up, will it also help with the red marks from previous acne? Thanks all for ur time, and i hope to hear back from you all. -Sam
  3. Hey all, I am currently taking doxycycline, and i was prescribed tretinoin gel, but i am not very sold at all with the tretinoin gel. The regimen seems interesting and i am interested in trying it, but I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to drop tretinoin, and use the regimen instead. The reason I am eager to drop the tretinoin is that it was not a derm that prescribed it, just my everyday doctor. So if you guys have anny feedback for me it would be greatly appreciated!!