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  1. Hi i have been on accutane for a few months now and my question is if I were to make my girlfriend pregnant while taking accutane would there be a problem, I understand all the problems for a women taking accutane and becoming pregnant.
  2. Hi all I am currently taking 20mg accutane per day and have just finished my first month My lips are dry Not many new pimples - but the oil on my face has not dried out I would say that after a month I am more oilier So my question is when will my oil on my face dry up or is what my derm prescribed 20mg per day not enough to dry me up Thanks for all your hellp
  3. geo c


    Can someone tell me the best shaving gel/cream to use that is not going to cause my skin to break out I know avene and aveeno do them just hard to get in Uk so anyone know would be great to here from you Thank You
  4. Hello I have been on 20mg of accutane per day now for 2 weeks. My lips have gone dry in the last few days but my forehead is still covered in oil So my question is when will the oil dry up on my forehead. Many thanks for your help
  5. Hi all I have been on my course of accutane for 2 weeks now not long I know but just wondered if anyone could tell me when my lips will dry out and this dam oil all over my forhead will dry up. I am only on 20mg per day hoping best option for less side effects.
  6. Is this good to use after finishing 6 month of accutane to stay clear or will I break out like when I started accutane. Should I use level 3 or 6?
  7. Do you mean tazorac or something, obviously nothing over the counter is good enough. I have used BP before but really irritated my skin so much I gave up - this was before accutane.
  8. Hello all I finished a 6 month course of roaccutane 2 weeks ago, 2 months 40mg a day and 4 months 60 mg a day. The trouble is since stopping 2 weeks ago I have had new spots appear on my forehead, cheeks and throat area in total probably 8, not huge but big enough. I obviously finished with my derm 2 weeks ago but just wondered should I contact him to go back and see him or wait a couple of months and see how it goes then go and see him and if need be do second course. Or are these sp
  9. Thanks for replys. I took 40mg per day for 2 moths and 60mg per day for 4 months. I am just washing with soap and water didnt want to subject my skin to nothing major as I thought it had been through enough for the last 6 months.
  10. Hello I finished my 6 month course ten days ago and my last month on accutane my face was super smooth and not one spot. But since ending my course I have had 6 new spots come up not small either. Just wondered if anyone has experienced this at the end of there course hoping it is just a reaction to coming off drug, because my derm led me to believe after 6 months of treatment I would not have a spot again so obviously I am super worried now by this breakout. Please help
  11. Hi all I finished my 6 month course of roaccutane 1 week ago 2 months 40mg per day and 4 months 60mg per day. Since I have stopped taking pills I have had a new spot on my chest, 1 on my temple area and this morning woke up and got a new great big one on my cheek bone area, what the hell is going on.
  12. Hi I have been on roaccutane nearly 6 months now, next derm appointment is 1 week away. I am still breaking out, in the last few days I have had 6 new pimples come not massive by anymeans, couple on back, and rest around hairline on forehead. When I went on this journey the way my derm put it by the end of 6 months I would have no spots at all so now I am very worried. Also I use moisturiser but I am so damn itchy is this common is there anymore I can do. 2 months 40 mg per day 4 months 60 mg pe
  13. Hi all, I have 2 weeks left of my 6 months course of roaccutane. I am over the moon with results just the smallest pimples left which are drying out. My question is after I finish should I just use soap and water everyday to wash or something else, as I want to keep my face this clear and smooth. Any help much appreciated.
  14. I have been on roaccutane nearly 5 months now and have 3 weeks to go until my course is due to end. First 2 months I took 40mg per day after that 3.5 months 60mg per day. Had a really bad IB, oil went away, month 4 I thought great finally getting there. Now in the last week I have had lots of new spots pop up, under hair ie scalp, neck, forehead and checkbone areas they are not massive but just feel them when washing, and also on my back I have a really big one appear and its rock hard and extre
  15. Hello all I have been taking roaccutane for nearly 5 months now and have 3 weeks left until my course is due to end. The trouble is I am getting very despondent. First 2 months I was on 40 mg per day. Then after that 60 mg per day until course ends my weight is 75 kg. My accutane has cleared a hell of a lot and only side effect is dry lips. The trouble is I am still getting smallish bumps on my forehead, temple area, and cheekbone area. A few new ones on my shoulder but yesterday felt
  16. Most definatle improved. When I started I was getting major big hard spots they have gone and before I started I had enough oil on my face to cook fries with but that has gone. It is just annoying I keep getting very small ones check are, nose and forehead and a few on my back. It is just so frustrating reading peoples logs and from month 4 they are totally clear. Even when spot has finished seems to take for ever for the bump to go down, the only plus is have not got many red marks.
  17. I am in between month 4-5 of accutane 60mg per day of my 6 month course. I have no side effects just dry lips. But I am still getting small pimples on forehead, nose and cheeks and back and they are seeming to take forever to go. Is this normal, should I be worried. I also have a hard lump quite small left from my IB no head just hard bump should I squeeze it to try and get any gunk out or just leave it be as it has been there nearly 3 months now. Thank you all
  18. I am currently between months 4 and 5 of my 6 month course of roaccutane. 60mg per day. Should I be worried still get little spots mainly forehead and cheek bones eyes and some on my back, will this stop soon? Second question is on my first week had a really bad Ib which obviously went away but between my nose and eye I have a hard bump not massive just always feel it washing my face, when I squeezed it few months ago all that came out was like bloody water. So what I want to know should prick
  19. Thanks for rely. So what is the minimum and maximum cumulative dose is mine right Thanks
  20. Hello I have just started my 5th month of roaccutane and just wondered if anyone can tell me what I will have taken by the end of my course and what I should have taken for a good chance of acne staying away. My weight is 75kg. My first 2 months of roaccutane was 40mg per day. Then for the next 3 and a half months 60mg per day. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what the maximum dose I can take for my 6 months course,. I weigh 75kg. My first 2 months I took 40mg per day. Next 3 and half moths 60mg per day. I then have been told to come back to my derm for maybe another month. I calculated after my 5 and a half months I would have taken 8800 mgs. Please help. Thanks
  22. Hi all, I have just started my 5th month of 6th month course of roaccutane. I had a bad IB in my first month the spots have gone visually, but when washing my face all I can feel is hard lumps from the IB spots and they just dont seem to be going away. Do I need to lance them and try and squeeze any left over stuff in them, I am really scared of doing this due to leaving red marks. Will these hard bumps eventually clear away by the end of my 6 months course. Please help anyone got this or
  23. I live in Uk tried bio oil did nothing for me, then read about emu oil so bought some from ebay was told to get pure australian emu oil, and no kidding my red marks have nearly gone. I put a few drops in my bath and then rub some on skin before bed, and great it doesnt clog pores.
  24. Its up to you in the end but in my opinion I tried everything and accutane is only thing that has worked for me. Side effects I have had, dry lips, low back pain for 2 weeks, nasal passages bit dry now and then but good old vaseline helps that. I know everyone is different this is just my opinion. Good luck which ever way you go.
  25. Thanks for quick reply. First 2 months 40mg per day. Then 2 months at 60mg per day. Went to derm yesterday and he gave me prescription for 6 weeks at 60mg per day, then told me to come back and depending how the next 6 weeks go will give me more.