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  1. Whether your suffering from anxiety/panic/depression. I wanted to tell you your far from alone. Click on the link below. http://alwayshopeful.proboards21.com/index...i?action=logout
  2. sorry for not getting back right away, have had many pms and have a website I'm also running, so forgive me for not getting back so quickly. I did not do my whole face, only where the scars were, down time was about 2 weeks, in that time I used nothing on my face just plain water because the scabbing was painful and I didn't want to irritate it. Used nothing, no antibacterial cremes, etc, just water. I used the peels a month in between. havent used any since, but if I start breaking out again
  3. Hi everyone, I only did 2 peels havent done anymore yet, my acne has been gone for awhile so I was only worried about the scarring, which it seems to be taken care of, thank god. I had tried everything and I mean everything. I still use proactiv though even without acne, I find it to keep my face clean. I cant lie I left the glycolic acid on more than your supposed to, I'd say maybe 5-7 minutes,I could literally see it bubbling up white and thats where all the skin eventually came off. healing t
  4. I wouldn't leave it on but a minute and see what happens, then add more minutes every two weeks. if you see no results i would move up to 50%, just my opinion.
  5. get outta here....Really!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gee I guess i'm not too hip...lol
  6. What does milf mean? I had rolling scars not too indented, but enough to bother me, I had suffered yrs with acne. and finally got it to clear up , so I started using the glycolic acid treatments for the scars. I did buy it off ebay, started at 30% but that did nothing, so went to 50% and yes it burnt away the first layers of my skin, took a few weeks of recovery but liked the results and did it again. I have never felt so pretty, not to be snobby, but pretty was just not me, and now I look in t
  7. 50% glycolic acid,,2 treatments.
  8. If they are getting darker, my guess is they will go away with "time"
  9. I really am not sure, someone else might want to jump in here and answer that.. just an update,i've been using it every night and my pores are looking smaller, thank god,,it's a definite keeper.
  10. I have done that in the past but it's important to know ,,thatonce they are opened they need to be closed when the cleaning is done,using cold water helps,,,otherwise your pores will be left wide open for any bacteria or anything else...