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  1. Yearly bump I just cannot believe it's almost been 6 years And at the time I thought those 5 months of taking decutan would never end
  2. 4.5 Years Later Time is flying by at an alarming speed. I feel like I need to return here once a year. My acne has never returned. Over the past year, however, I've become really self-conscious about my scarring. Unless I have perfect, soft lighting, it looks pretty bad in certain parts of my face. Might finally look into laser scar removal courses, although they are probably too pricey - I wonder if anyone has any information on how well these things work, if at all. W
  3. hate to do this but.. bump. Could it be that my scarring has got worse since the 3 years I stopped Decutan?
  4. Hey guys. I first joined here in 2008, and had kept a blog which I updated every single day of my 5 month treatment. http://www.acne.org/...y-decutan-days/ I had cystic acne, and had a 5 month course starting with 20mg for 3 months, upping it to 40mg for the last 2 months. I cleared up completely and I was extremely happy with my skin afterwards, like I can't explain what a confidence boost it was. Now, suddenly, I'm noticing my acne scarring. Before this, I'd never worried about scarri
  5. hey! Thanks for the reply, I'm really happy to hear it helped, even if slightly. Means a lot! Have not finished uni yet! Coming into my 5th and final year... pretty terrified! Believe me when I tell you it will all pass by quicker than you can imagine. I'll upload a pic so you can see how I was when I started taking the pills and a few after pictures, taken roughy a year after stopping. Any update with your moisturiser pimple problem?
  6. back for my yearly "bumping" of the thread. Wow I'm startign to get old now 2008 seems so long ago! For anyone who wishes to read, this is a full blog with a day by day account of what I went through when takling the pills. Since finishing my course sometime in April 2009, I have never broken out again. Just the odd tiny spot once in a blue moon. And I had it pretty bad before decutan. Goodluck to everyone on it and believe me it will be over sooner than you think!
  7. can't believe this blog still exists, and can't believe its been almost 2 years since I started it. Time flies..! Bumping it in case anyone wants to read a complete blog (literally day by day account lol) Just want to add that I've had perfect skin since finishing, no recurrences, maybe once in a blue moon the odd small spot. Can't remember the last time that happened though. Goodluck guys
  8. any questions? no questions? c'est finit?
  9. 365 DAYS SINCE DAY 1! This will be my last post here (other than replying to anyone who replies here within the next few days). Today is exactly 365 days since day 1. I have pretty much changed as a person in the way I carry myself, dress, etc. I have been clear since stopping in april. I am no longer self conscious of my skin, and I no longer avoid reflections (unless they're with flourescent lighting)! First of all, probably should see the pics so you have an idea of what level acne I had.
  10. hey congrats! I'm not sure if it was you who described herself as the crocodile lady or somethng?? Your story is almost exactly the same as mine, except I started Nov. Waiting 3 days so I can post exactly 1 yr since i started d pills. (pretty much the same story as urs!)
  11. thanks hehe I would say I did not see much improvement till the end of the 3rd month, maybe 4th month
  12. gonna remove the pic in a day or 2 more, gotta remove all traces of me